Congrats to our 10-year-old studios

Congratulations to our 10-year-old studios!

NOVEMBER 20, 2020| SpeedPro

To say 2020 has been tough is the understatement of the year. Our studios and our clients are resilient and we want to celebrate all of our accomplishments and press forward in the new year.

Throughout the nation, 22 SpeedPros turned 10-years-old. However, this last year was quite different than the last 10. While the world may have come to a halt, our studios kept pushing and saw the pandemic as a challenge to not only stay resilient, but consistent.

“What an accomplishment! It’s a fun business and the fact that we are established is super great. Constant change with our new technology is exciting,” says Cody Scarberry, Owner of SpeedPro Dayton.  “During the pandemic, we have been working with a lot of schools and have sold more floor decals than we ever thought we would. Also, working with wholesale accounts has been fun because we get to help them open their business.”

SpeedPro studios across the country each have their own personality locally. And they band together to impact and serve the B2B community.

 “We have developed strong connections with many local charities and non-profits and donate money and graphics for their causes; Veterans Wreaths across America, Brain Cancer research, Charlotte Chef Best and Second Harvest food bank to name a few,” says David and Katharine Arno, Owners of SpeedPro Charlotte South. “We love Charlotte and doing our part as a small business in the community. It’s gratifying to help others with what we do.”

It’s safe to say everyone is ready for the new year. Once the calendar hits 2021, we aren’t completely out of the woods but we will support our fellow studios and clients to move businesses forward until we can get back on track. With January 1, 2021, on the rise, our studios are optimistic. 

 “We reshaped our team and we are excited about the good people that are taking us into 2021,” says Mike Retherford, SpeedPro Orlando Owner. “We believe it will be a challenging and rebuilding year, but we’re looking forward to opportunities that will be presented to us.”

In the last 10 years, SpeedPro studios have printed, impacted their community and made it through the difficult year of 2020. We are very proud of the hard work, dedication and adaptability our SpeedPro family has shown these last 10 years as we send our heartfelt congratulations to these studios!

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