Kindergarten School Sign by SpeedPro

Designing Signs and Graphics with School Spirit

AUGUST 7, 2023| DillonShane


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Schools and universities are hubs of learning and social growth – and high-quality graphics and signage can help brighten this experience for students, parents, and staff. From indoor auditoriums to outdoor stadiums, from classrooms to hallways, bold graphics can teach, unite and inspire.

Whether a school is especially known for its athletics, rich history, or excellence in the liberal arts, the right graphics can serve as an enthusiastic cheerleader. Make a great first impression with dimensional school-name signage and a colorful entry marquee, line corridors with inspirational quotes along the walls – or enhance recruitment and fundraising efforts by resonating more with parents and corporate donors through strategic displays.

SpeedPro Kindergarten Mural
SpeedPro School Signage Mural
Kindergarten School Sign by SpeedPro

With the end of the pandemic, SpeedPro has seen schools and universities invest in new signage to welcome students back and refresh their campuses. For elementary schools through colleges and universities, here are some options to consider when designing graphics for schools:

Wall Murals: Interior walls are canvases for creativity, and students see them every day as they head to class. Wall murals are great for brand images, inspirational themes, student art, and event promotion. School mascots can be woven into wall displays in fun and enthusiastic ways. Many schools devote one wall as a historical showcase tracing the evolution of the school in images. School pride can be instilled near gyms and other athletic areas using photos from real sports events and banners touting athlete accomplishments.

Floor Graphics: Customizable vinyl floor graphics adhere to most surfaces, including staircases and pavement. As wayfinding signage, they can direct students and families to certain locations. As educational decals in fun shapes and bright colors, they can enhance learning and playing activities for young children. In heavy foot traffic and social areas, including athletic courts and tracks, they can strengthen the school’s branding with logos and mascots.

Window and Door Graphics: Vinyl window decals can turn a plain window into a vivid, attention-grabbing display. From branding to messaging and letters to images, the possibilities are limitless. Window decals come in options including partial or full, transparent or opaque, single or double-sided. Similarly, door wraps can transform an entire door into a representation of an academic subject, a student art display or a sports scene.

Banners and Event Signage: For indoors and outdoors, vinyl banners can be perfect solutions for temporary and permanent uses. An effective yet cost-effective option, they can be used on the outside of a building to add branding or promote an event, in gyms to celebrate the successes of sports teams, and in dedicated areas for parent and community events like open houses, art galleries and student performances. Custom flags, whether one alone or a series on spaced-out structures like lampposts, can also be bright, colorful promotional tools.

Lettering: Vinyl lettering is perfect for creating lists of rooms on interior walls, directing people down hallways, and labeling individual spaces. Dimensional lettering adds further impact in identifying the outside of a building with a school name that pops out so that students and visitors can see it from a distance. In elementary school settings, it can teach children their ABC’s. At universities, it can serve as an acronym for campus buildings.

Table Displays: For hosted events, table displays can provide information and grab attention. On campus, they are useful for parent information nights, alumni reunions and club signups. Off-campus, they are effective for recruitment and sponsored events. Table displays work best when incorporating creative coverings and toppers and can be decorated with take-home materials, banners, and any other signage you might want to include.

At SpeedPro, we understand the needs of superintendents, administrators, teachers, and coaches, and we have the experience and insight to take graphics from design to execution. We have the best technology in the business, including color matching to keep logos and other branding consistent throughout all materials, and we pride ourselves on our longtime involvement with local schools and communities.

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