The Complete Guide to Step and Repeat Banners for Event Planners

The Complete Guide to Step and Repeat Banners for Event Planners

OCTOBER 25, 2021| SpeedPro



Even if you don’t recognize the term for step and repeat banners, chances are you’ve seen one. They usually populate fashion shows, red carpets and large corporate events, especially for those with big partnerships and sponsors. What are step and repeat banners? These banners generally feature a repeating pattern, such as a logo or company name.

When planning events, many organizations and parties use step and repeat banners as a user-friendly marketing tool. Discover the many benefits and uses of step and repeat banners for your next event.

Types of Step and Repeat Banners

You can use a few different types of step and repeat banners at events and parties:

  • Spring back: Stretched over an X-shaped frame, spring back banners are collapsible and easily transportable with their own carrying bag, which SpeedPro can provide.
  • Telescopic: These banners have a square-shaped frame, and you link these together to make a custom-sized banner. As another plus, they’re lightweight and easily transportable.
  • Retractable: Retractable banners roll up into their frame so set-up and take-down are quick and straightforward. They’re one of the most portable types of banners you can choose.

Step and Repeat Banner uses can be as diverse as their design.

Benefits of Step and Repeat Banners

Whichever step and repeat banner you choose, you’ll find numerous benefits to using these at your next event.

1. Marketing

Step and repeat banners are great for companies of all sizes and in all industries. These banners are prime locations for photo-ops, so their content gets shared across essentially all social media platforms, providing free marketing for the subject on the banner.

Using large-scale visuals such as step and repeat banners generates high rewards for businesses and enhances brand visibility. The high return on investment of these advertising materials means they are the perfect choice for companies large and small.

2. User-Friendly

Step and repeat banners do not require professional installation like other types of signage, such as window graphics or vehicle wraps. Some of them even come with their own portable cases, and others can easily fit into mid-sized bags. Take them to and from your events without worrying about expensive transportation costs.

Constructing these banners is also a breeze, leaving more time to prepare and set up other aspects of your event. Step and repeat banners mean there’s no need to set up elaborate photo-op locations — with one simple banner, you have an effective and fun area for guests and participants to take photos.

3. High Quality

Step and repeat banners from SpeedPro have superior craftsmanship, so you can ensure your event will make the best impression on its guests. With color matching technology and advanced printing techniques, your banner can look exactly like you want it to. Whether it’s a sponsor’s name or a brand logo, the design you choose will be sure to pop. Combined with a professional photographer, step and repeat banners can elevate an event and make guests feel extra special.

4. Multi-Use

Step and repeat banners have multiple purposes and are reusable. If you’re hosting a company event, use these banners as a backdrop for professional photos as guests arrive. Later on, you can use the same banner to decorate the office or meeting rooms or as a backdrop for a fun photo booth.

If a charity hosts special events all year round, they can use these banners at every event to thank and advertise their sponsors. This will save them money from having to order different banners for every event.

How to Use Event Step and Repeat Banners

While most people think of step and repeat banners for events with hundreds of guests, their uses can be as diverse as their design. The following are only a few examples of how you can use step and repeat banners at events.

Corporate Parties and Events

Large corporations often host huge launch parties to celebrate and reveal the new product. Small companies that host events use step and repeat banners as photo opportunities and backdrops for new product displays. Usually, a company will display its logo in a repeating pattern on the banners as an effective and attractive way of promoting its brand. As an added bonus, photos from the event also increase the brand’s visibility.

Red Carpets

From movie premiers to fashion shows, red carpets are formal events that usually mean fancy clothing and expensive jewelry. With the many cameras, a simple backdrop is necessary. Traditional step and repeat banners are popular for red carpet events because they can advertise the brand, movie or corporate sponsor while not distracting from the amazing fashion on show. Red carpets aren’t only for celebrities, however. Adding one to your next formal event will make it an unforgettable experience.

Weddings and Bridal Showers

These days, it’s popular for couples to create cute and witty hashtags for their upcoming nuptials so they can look back on the day through social media. Commissioning a step and repeat banner for weddings, bridal showers and bachelorette parties is a fun way to add cohesion to the party and showcase the couple’s names or wedding hashtags.

Since photos are an essential aspect of these events, having a classy and professional step and repeat banner is the perfect addition to any wedding, bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Birthday Parties

Celebrations like birthday parties are great opportunities to use step and repeat banners. Whether it’s a sweet 16 or a 50th birthday party, having a custom banner will make the event unforgettable. For younger kids, the banner will make for an extra special element they can use for their social media posts. For adults, step and repeat banners create a unique opportunity to celebrate their milestone with friends and family.

Sporting Events

If you’re putting on a party for a sports team, step and repeat banners are perfect for various reasons. Use them for team and individual player photos to showcase with trophies and as gifts for parents or at the end-of-season party. Since many teams, from local kids teams to professional sports teams, use corporate sponsorships, step and repeat banners are a great method of thanking the sponsors and showcasing their support.

Press Conferences

Industries such as sports and law enforcement hold press conferences as a regular practice and often use backdrops like step and repeat banners. These are common because they effectively present sponsors or organization logos and don’t distract viewers from the main speaker on stage.

Get Step and Repeat Banners from SpeedPro for your event.

Get Step and Repeat Banners From SpeedPro for Your Event

At any event, a step and repeat banner adds the perfect touch. Designing a custom banner with SpeedPro can bring you high returns. Set up professional photo ops for both indoor and outdoor events with custom printed, show-stopping banners.

Find a studio near you to talk about what a SpeedPro step and repeat banner can do for your business or event.

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