An Introduction to Retractable Banner Stands

JANUARY 2, 2020| SpeedPro

Looking for a customizable signage solution that’s versatile, cost-effective, durable and easy to use? Retractable banner stands might be just what you need. Read on to learn what they are, how they’re used and the benefits they provide so that you can decide if their right for your company.

What Are Retractable Banner Stands?

Retractable banner stands are some of the most common types of stands for banners on the market today. Due to their portability, they are especially useful for companies who are consistently traveling and presenting at events, trade shows and conferences.

At times, these stands are referred to as roll-up banner stands. They get this name because of the spring-like mechanism that’s used to roll the banners back into the base. Like a projector screen, you pull the banner to unroll it from the base, but instead of pulling down like you would for a projector screen, you pull up from the banner stand’s base to attach the banner to the top of the stand.

The banners also feature a crossbar that attaches to the banner so that when you store the banner, it doesn’t get lost in the base. When you need to use the banner, you simply pull the crossbar up and attach it to the top.

These banner stands also feature a telescoping or bungee pole that keeps the banner in place by supporting the back of the stand. Along with the pole, the banner will usually have a foot or several feet that keep it standing securely on the ground, making it so that no one has to worry about it tipping over on its own.

All of these parts come together to create a freestanding retractable banner stand that can be set up or taken down in only a few seconds. The material they’re made with is also lightweight, making transportation easy. You can purchase a bag or case designed to transport them with even greater ease.

How Businesses Use Them

Companies use retractable banners for several different purposes and in various locations, including retail stores, lobbies and event venues. Below are some of the primary uses of portable retractable banner stands:

  • Point of purchase signage: One of the main ways that companies use retractable banners is as point of purchase signage. You can place retractable banners near a product and add graphics to them that highlight the features of the product. These retractable banners can encourage people to buy products that you’re looking to sell quickly. If you want to highlight a particular product in your store, custom retractable banners are an excellent tool to use.
  • Presentation signage: The portability of retractable banner stands makes them a great addition to a presentation or meeting. They are perfect as accents for presentations, as you can add branded images and graphics that aid your messages to them. If you’re speaking to a large crowd, the banners can include key information, such as contact details so that audience members can reach out to your company after the presentation is over.
  • Event signage:Whenever you’re attending an event, like a conference or trade show, it’s essential to highlight your company and separate yourself from the competition. You can easily set up retractable business banners at your booth or other key locations to spread awareness of your presence at the event.

Benefits of Retractable Banner Stands

Using custom retractable signs and banners comes with a variety of benefits that make them attractive to companies. Consider some of their benefits below:

Benefits of Retractable Banner Stands [list]

1. Cost-Effective

For companies that want signage that has a high-quality appearance but comes at an affordable price, retractable banner display stands are ideal. Compared to other signage options, portable retractable banner are relatively inexpensive. At SpeedPro, their low cost places them in our economy category, meaning that they’re cost-efficient but don’t sacrifice quality and visual appeal.

2. Versatility

When it comes to retractable banner signs, you can be confident that you’ll be able to adjust them to meet the needs of your display. This versatility enables you to be creative and make changes based on the environment you are displaying your message in.

Retractable banner display stands typically have adjustable heights. Many retractable banner stands even allow you to change out the graphics used on the stand. This flexibility lets companies quickly change out seasonal or other kinds of temporary graphics without incurring extra costs by having to buy a whole new stand.

3. Long-Term Use and Reuse

Retractable banner stands are made out of durable materials that will not break easily and are designed to last. If you want to go with higher-grade retractable banner stand models, you’ll get even more durability out of them. The upgraded models have top-of-the-line internal mechanisms and higher quality metal, making the stands the top choice for those whose banners will see heavy use. Whatever stand you choose, you can expect the graphics on retractable banners to last and not become damaged when you roll or unroll them.

4. Easy Transport

When it comes to ease of transport, portable retractable banner stands are unmatched. Their base is made to hold graphics safely, and their compact nature makes the transportation process simple. You can be sure that your graphics won’t become damaged during transportation, as the base protects against spills, dust, wrinkling and other damage that portable retractable banners may face.

5. Fast Setup and Takedown

As you probably don’t want to spend a significant amount of time at a trade show or conference setting up your booth, you’ll want to use signage and stands that can be set up in seconds. All you need to do to set up a retractable banner is to pull the banner up and attach it to the top of the pole. The speed of assembly and disassembly of portable retractable banner stands lets you spend your time focused on other trade show tasks.

Interested in Using Retractable Banner Stands?

If you’re interested in purchasing retractable banner stands for your company, SpeedPro can help. With a nationwide network of studios, we have the experience needed to help you find the signage solutions that represent your message best.

Find your local studio today to speak with one of our representatives about how retractable banner stands can work for you.

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