Jabil Case Study

JULY 18, 2022| ericschmidt



Jabil Corporate Office

Tampa, FL


SpeedPro worked with Jabil, an American worldwide manufacturing services
company, on designing their headquarters near St. Petersburg, FL. Their
facility is a new corporate office building that will house 2,000 employees.
The SpeedPro team found this client through internally networking and
partnered together to make this workplace a cultural haven.

This large-scale interior design project involved working extensively on the
main entrance, which consists of 60-ft. ceilings as well as floating stairwells
and overlooks a lake. During the ideation phase, Jabil provided SpeedPro
with their desired artwork and design. The SpeedPro team provided several
demonstrations so Jabil could see models of this project. The client added
their input and preferences and SpeedPro adjusted to meet their ideas
The goal of this project is to revitalize the space and welcome team
members back to a warm, inviting and innovative office post-COVID. Jabil
endeavored to create a workspace that is a comfortable place to host team
meetings, invite partners and conduct their manufacturing and design
From the beginning of the project, Jabil was thinking big and the scope grew
as it evolved. This project consisted of four floors of work: two large feature
walls, more than a dozen wall murals with acrylic displays and LED lighting.
These installs have more than 80 pieces of acrylic and LED lighting for
visually pleasing prints.



Wall Murals

  • Avery Dennison MPI 1105 SuperCast Easy Apply Vinyl, Matte
  •  Avery 900SW Metallic Gray matte Vinyl
  • 375” Clear acrylic panels (4 various sizes) with 3M IJ35 colored vinyl


  • 4000k LED RGA with 50k running hours
  • LEDs that can be dimmed and controlled by a remote app
  • Black contour-cut vinyl for captions
  • Metal Standoffs



Printing Imagination: One Idea After Another

The design and decision-making phase of the project spanned months and the end
result was SpeedPro and Jabil created a futuristic and chic workspace that is inviting
to employees as they return.


In today’s facilities, there is always a way to make the environment comfortable,
clean and innovative From LED lights to colorful designs on walls, SpeedPro
transformed this workspace into an engaging, vibrant and welcoming office.
Jabil saw the benefits of working with SpeedPro: a design partner who understands
materials and applications. With these prints, Jabil fostered a healthy and inspiring
work environment with visually-pleasing graphics.

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