The WerrrkForce walks in front of Pasquini Coffee Company's new wall mural

SpeedPro Featured in Mailchimp Presents Series Werrrk!

AUGUST 12, 2020| SpeedPro

At SpeedPro, we’re passionate about helping small businesses create a space that’s used to its fullest potential. Workers and their guests should love the environment they’re in.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share that our work was featured on a new entrepreneurial series from Mailchimp — Werrrk!

What’s Werrrk!?

The three hosts of Werrrk!Werrrk! is from the creators of the Queer Eye Netflix series. Like the hit show’s theme about transforming lives, Werrrk! is all about solving the unique problems of struggling small businesses in Los Angeles, California.

Misti, Mat and Theodore make up the WerrrkForce, a team of three experts skilled in examining a business’s process, the people, and the indoor space. Their goal is changing the workflow, personality and environment of the business, ultimately changing the lives of the management and employees.

SpeedPro pitched in to help all three businesses that were the focus for the show. We introduced new branding, navigational and decor elements, all customized to the organizations’ unique profile. Since we know a business’ success hinges on the comfort and functionality of its interior design, we knew we had to get it right for the workers and customers alike.

The owners were blown away with each reveal of their updated space. We loved seeing their smiles and happy tears and hearing their gratefulness for the WerrrkForce’s guidance and improvements. We’re glad we could be partners in the process!

SpeedPro’s Work in Werrrk!

Where can you spot SpeedPro in the Werrrk! web series?:

  • For the Bella Doña apparel company, we provided graphics like a beautiful mural of the LA skyline for their office’s backdrop. Plus, the owners received big banner stands for pop-up photoshoot events.
  • For Pasquini’s Coffee Company, SpeedPro contributed to the store’s complete redesign and modernized the space. They have bright, eye-catching outdoor signage now and a wall mural that taps into the company’s history and personality.
  • The Tailwaggers pet grooming salon got a huge makeover, including indoor signage for their lobby and a photorealistic floor graphic of a grassy lawn so the doggy guests feel more at home.

Check out our branded graphics and designs on the Mailchimp streaming service, where you can watch all twelve episodes of Werrrk! for free, without ads, and with no login or subscription required.

Inspired about giving your office a fresh appearance? Get in touch with a SpeedPro representative at your local studio to obtain a quote for custom graphics at your store or future event.

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