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Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle Wrap: Optimizing ROI with Proper Care

OCTOBER 24, 2023| DillonShane


Vehicle Graphics

Investing in a vehicle wrap is a sound marketing strategy. With the potential to reach up to 70,000 impressions per day and a powerful 97% recall rate, vehicle wraps represent the most cost-effective out-of-home advertising available. Unlike digital assets, though, wraps come with a small caveat; they necessitate diligent care and attention to maintain their quality and continue generating ROI for many years to come.

Consider the potential repercussions of neglected vehicle graphics, for example: the once-vibrant colors fading, the material cracking, or even key information like your logo or website URL peeling away into ineligibility before its time. This sort of deterioration not only detracts from the visual appeal of your vehicle wrap but also inadvertently sets the tone for your brand’s level of quality – reflected by the quality of your graphics. 

Fortunately, by adopting a regular care and maintenance regimen, the longevity of your vehicle wrap can be significantly extended. This ensures that it continues representing your business with the elegance and professionalism you deserve. Here are some tips on how to clean, maintain, and repair your vehicle wrap:

Cleaning Your Vehicle Wrap

Regular cleaning is one of the best actions you can take to maintain the appearance of your vehicle wrap. Here are some tips for cleaning your wrap:

  • Use a mild detergent and warm water to gently remove dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can damage the vinyl.
  • Rinse your wrap thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  • Dry your wrap with a soft, clean cloth or chamois towel. Avoid using a rough or abrasive towel, as it will create scratches during the scrubbing process.
  • If your wrap is particularly dirty or stained, you can use a specialized vinyl wrap cleaner. Be sure that you know the manufacturer of your vehicle wrap’s material – and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions carefully.

Avoiding Damage to Your Vehicle Wrap

To ensure your vehicle wrap lasts as long as possible, it’s important to avoid certain types of damage through preventative measures. Here are some tips for avoiding damage to your wrap:

  • Try not to park your vehicle in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. UV rays can cause the vinyl to fade or crack over time.
  • Consider parking your vehicle away from trees to avoid tree sap or bird droppings. These substances can damage the vinyl and are difficult to remove.
  • Do not use pressure washers or automatic car washes to address tough-to-remove debris, as they can damage the vinyl. Instead, wash your wrap by hand using the techniques described above.

Repairing Your Vehicle Wrap

If your vehicle wrap becomes damaged, it’s important to repair it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Here are some tips for repairing your wrap:

  • If your wrap becomes scratched or damaged, you can use certain specialized vinyl wrap repair kits to fix the damage. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Before doing this, however, we strongly recommend you contact your installer for their professional opinion. SpeedPro will help you understand all of your options before recommending a repair path.
  • If the damage is extensive, you may need to have the wrap professionally repaired or replaced. Check to see if the wrap came with any warranties or guarantees that you can leverage before paying for repairs or replacements.

Maintaining your vehicle wrap is essential in ensuring it lasts as long as possible, continues looking great, and maximizes your ROI. By following these tips for cleaning, avoiding damage, and repairing your wrap, you can keep it generating impressions for many years ahead. Ready to wrap? Contact your local SpeedPro today to get started!

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