Mede/Analytics Case Study

AUGUST 23, 2022| SpeedPro



Mede/Analytics’ marketing firm first reached out to SpeedPro for help redesigning its Richardson, Texas headquarters.

The redesign was to be the icing on the strategic changes Mede/Analytics had implemented that year. Only four months earlier the international pioneer in healthcare analytics relocated its executive teams-operations, finance and analytics-to expanded office space in Richardson where 40% of the international corporation resided. The analytics giant also has offices in Dublin, CA; Denver, CO; London and the Ukraine.

Moving the top execs to a new address meant that significant clientele would be visiting the premises. The design had to wow guests, confirming that Mede/Analytics is the top-ranked solution in healthcare. Besides that, the redesign was intended to boost productivity … a shot in the arm so to speak that was both socially conscious and solutions driven.
The first step SpeedPro took was to perform an site visit to gather accurate measurements. Three months into the design dialogue with the Mede/Analytics’ point of contact, word came down that the
project had to be fully installed within 2 weeks without interruption to the organization’s daily operations. That meant scheduling a marathon install Friday night COB to Monday morning.

SpeedPro took Class A vanilla space to a whole new level using saturated teal printed on various acrylic and glass surfaces including:

• Four sets of semi-transparent teal stripes (the company’s corporate color specification) applied to conference room glass partitions and entry doors
• 8 acrylic signs printed with various inspirational sayings mounted to the walls with stand-offs
• Twenty-five wall murals ranging from 5′ x 9.5′ to 34′ x 9.5′
• Twenty-one office room identifiers contour cut from frosted vinyl
• Fifteen glass square plaques printed in various colors on the second surface and attached to the walls with edge-mount stand-offs
• Two board room windows covered with the optically clear security film so as to continue the wall mural across the room
• Nineteen wayfinding and conference room plaques printed on acrylic
• Seven custom designed and fabricated acrylic restroom and phone room signs router cut and painted corporate colors

Sustainability, psychographics and community drive business decisions today more than ever before.
That said. the one solution to revitalizing office space without interrupting business output is by using large format print that can adhere to any surface.


Board Room printed window film that continues the image onto the wall mural


Wall Murals

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