SpeedPro Addison celebrates 15 years

SpeedPro Addison Celebrates 15 Years

OCTOBER 13, 2020| SpeedPro



Workiversarys are always something to celebrate. But this workiversary and this SpeedPro location are monumentous because it just rang in 15! SpeedPro Addison is the first studio in the network to be around for 15 years. Matt Polster, Owner of SpeedPro Addison, celebrates these years of business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Home Office was able to chat with Polster to learn more about him, his leadership & the historic accomplishment.

After being in the corporate world for a long time, Polster knew he wanted to work for himself and be his own boss. He enjoyed the thrill of working hard and having goals, which ultimately led him to own a franchise. After researching, he thought SpeedPro was the perfect industry and opportunity for him. 

Matt PolsterWhen his franchise opened in 2005, the Addison studio was just starting to understand the business. The challenge presented itself right when he opened up the doors and not one customer walked in. With no one to turn to and a “sink-or-swim” mentality, he didn’t know how to sell, how to price products and he didn’t know his target market. 

“We really had to figure everything out ourselves,” Polster said. “At this time, there were maybe three people in the Home Office. Now looking at the Home Office, the leadership is amazing and our studio is extremely well supported.”

With these challenges, Polster and his team had to sit down and refocus their strategy to make their studio thrive. While some networking and marketing initiatives helped them in the beginning, Polster decided to shift his thinking – putting the focus on the business, instead of in it.

“To get out of the day-to-day, we focused on the longevity of our studio,” said Polster. “We had to focus more on strategic matters to grow our business.”

 Another element that helped the Addison studio get off the ground is teamwork and company investment. Polster emphasizes the power of leadership: equipping, empowering and inspiring his coworkers to create a strong business model, build trust and increase team rapport. Polster leads a team of six and is incredibly close to them. Not only does he create this family dynamic with his teammates, but also his clients. To Matt, family, friendship, and culture is everything.

“I have a really great team —  I would do anything for them. They bought into the SpeedPro Addison culture. That culture is more than just a slogan on a wall, it’s us working through all our ups and downs,” Polster said.

As for the 15-year anniversary of SpeedPro Addison, he is proud of his studio and the pseudo-family that he created at SpeedPro. “Fifteen years is a cool milestone, but we don’t dwell on it,” said Polster. “We’re focusing on the tasks at hand, our clients and how I can lead my team.”

He dove more into his leadership strategies and offers advice for franchise owners and business leaders: 

  1. “Understand that you are a leader and your people look up to you – lead your people because they want to be led. They are eager and want to learn.”
  2. “Treat your team as people and like they are. Your teammates and coworkers have families, goals and dreams. When you start to invest in their dreams, goals and lives, they’ll pour back into you equally.”
  3. “And lastly, no one is good at everything. As a leader, it is your job to focus on people’s strengths, work on their weaknesses and delegate roles to people who will thrive in a certain position.”

Who knew that a graphics and sign franchise could develop a person into a great leader and change their whole life in return? Matt Polster and the SpeedPro Addison team have done an incredible job of making clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area feel a part of the SpeedPro family. Congratulations to the first-ever 15-year-old SpeedPro!

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