Tips for Improving Your Video Conferencing Background

Tips for Improving Your Video Conferencing Background

FEBRUARY 25, 2021| SpeedPro

Now that so many people are working from home, video conferencing has become a central part of how companies communicate with their employees and clients. If you regularly attend video calls, you should have a professional background that appeals to other call participants. There are a few tips you can follow to upgrade your background quickly, and you can even go one step further by investing in a wall mural to improve your video conferencing backdrop.

Learn more about how you can create a professional background for video conferencing and how wall murals can provide you with unique benefits.

How to Improve Your Video Conference Background

Your video conference background is one of the most important factors in setting a professional tone for your office, so you’ll likely want to know some of the top recommendations for improving your conference background. Some of the ways you can improve your background include ensuring it’s clean, removing personal items from a shot and adding a wall mural to serve as your background.

Review some of these tips to improve the quality of your video conference backgrounds:

1. Keep It Tidy and Clean

A tidy and clean background helps to sell your professionalism to managers, coworkers and clients. Even when you’re working from home, remember that you’re still in a work setting during a call. As such, cleanliness is crucial to any video conference background. Send the message to clients and managers that you’re taking the meeting seriously by having a clutter-free background.

2. Avoid Having Too Many Personal Items in the Shot

If you’re working from home, it’s best to play it safe and keep your background free from personal items that could take away from your company’s brand or be distracting. Ensuring your background is totally on-brand when you’re on a call with a client can help you gain their trust and keep them focused on the call’s aims. Before you go on a work call, remove any personal items you wouldn’t want others seeing. Additionally, move items that might be distracting or off-brand.

3. Light Yourself and Your Background Correctly

When you’re on a video call, lighting yourself and your background in an attractive manner is crucial. Sometimes, natural light can be enough to make you and the background look great, but often you’ll need to use additional lights. Avoid using overhead lights that cause you to have dark under-eye shadows or harsh fluorescent lights that create unflattering tones. To look your best, place your light source behind the camera, so the camera and light go in the same direction.

4. Select a Neutral Background

It’s often best to select a location with a neutral background for your video conference calls. A neutral background shouldn’t be boring, but it also shouldn’t distract others or call too much attention to yourself. By selecting a neutral background, you send a subtle message you care about looking your best and help meetings stay on track.

5. Use a Wall Mural as a Professional Background for Video Conferencing

One of the best ways to improve your video conferencing background is by placing a mural on the wall behind where you normally handle video calls. You can design these wall murals to provide the perfect video conference backdrop. With a vinyl wall mural, you can quickly turn a wall in your office or home into a neutral, attractive background that complements your professionalism. These wall murals help to create a long-lasting professional space in your home office or workplace.

Benefits of Adding Wall Murals for Video Conference Backdrops [list]

Benefits of Adding Wall Murals to Your Office or Home for Video Conference Backdrops

Wall murals are easy to install and can liven up your conference background, making it look more professional and attractive. In 2020, video conferencing exploded, and there’s no sign it’s going to stop. Even when people return to their offices and go to meetings in-person, people’s work-from-home options will likely be more extensive. By installing wall murals and reaping their many benefits, you’ll set up your company or home office for success in the future.

To help you understand the many benefits of using wall murals at your workplace or home office, check out some of the top advantages:

  • Add branded imagery: One of the greatest benefits of installing wall murals is the ability to add branded imagery to your video background. You can outfit these wall murals with your company’s logo, name or other on-brand imagery or colors. Some companies also like to have a mural showcasing their services or graphics to help sell themselves to potential clients.
  • Appear more professional: Adding a video conferencing background to your home office can ensure you look as professional as possible whenever you have a call. Since a vinyl wall mural can feature an almost endless variety of designs, you can select imagery that’s not distracting and is attractive to viewers.
  • Cover as much space as you need: Wall murals come in several sizes, making it simple for you to select a video conference backdrop that covers the required space. For home offices, you might want to cover an entire wall or a portion of it, while companies may want to outfit all four walls of a conference room. A wall mural can come in whatever size you need.
  • Easy to clean: As cleanliness is one of the most crucial parts of your background, you’ll be happy to know that wall murals are easy to clean. Since these wall graphics are typically made out of vinyl, you can quickly wipe off the protective layer with a soapy non-scratch cloth or a wet rag. Additionally, the two-dimensionality of these murals mean they won’t collect dust over time.
  • Fast installation and removal: A great component of wall murals is that they’re very easy to install on your wall. You don’t have to hire a specialist to install them. Instead, you simply need to follow the directions, and you’ll have the background up quickly. Alongside their easy and fast installation, you can also quickly take them down without any damage to your walls.
  • Greater flexibility: Since wall murals are easy to install and remove, you have a great deal of flexibility with your video conference backdrops. You can swap out wall murals quickly if you want to freshen up your background or tailor it to a specific meeting. Additionally, an imaging studio can help you select from various backgrounds and styles, helping you design a mural that matches your company’s brand and your aesthetic.

Choose SpeedPro for Your Video Conference Background Needs

As the national leader in large format imagery, SpeedPro is ready to provide individuals or companies with exceptional wall murals for their video conferencing needs. We can print wall murals in various sizes and designs, providing you with the flexibility you require to get the most out of your backdrop.

Browse our wall mural options today to see how we can provide you with a high-quality video conference background. If you’re ready to add these murals to your home or office, find your local SpeedPro studio to speak with a representative.

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