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MARCH 11, 2019| SpeedPro Chicago Loop



What’s the connection between Benjamin Franklin and wide-format printing? Despite the expanse of time between Franklin’s era and the introduction of wide-format printing technology in the 20th century, there’s a direct line between the two.

International Print Week, celebrated in late January, was originally inspired by Benjamin Franklin and his contributions to science, technology and the print industry in how people communicate with each other. California Polytechnic State University’s Graphic Communication Department launched the event in 1984, and the university has since changed the name of the week to International Graphic Communication Week, reflecting how the print industry has evolved.

At the heart of International Graphic Communication Week is recognizing the important role graphic communications plays in the business world. Wide-format printing, in particular, has become a key technology for businesses of all sizes to achieve critical objectives to help improve performance in multiple facets, including building brand awareness in specific markets, creating a unique and tangible company culture that engages employees, and developing event marketing strategies that move the needle.

Generating Brand Awareness

Wide-format printing gives businesses the tools necessary to build brand awareness in their local markets. And awareness continues to be a top priority for today’s marketing leaders.

The Gartner CMO 2018-19 Spend Survey cited awareness as the most valuable metric among chief marketing officers, outranking even return on investment and customer satisfaction and value scores.

Some of the tools at businesses’ disposal to help build are vehicle and fleet wraps, which perform a specific function in building brand awareness. Vehicle wraps give you a unique opportunity to get your brand and products or solutions in front of a very precise market. An expertly placed logo and tagline, as well as primary contact information, help get a company’s name out in front of consumers – and businesses can target unique ZIP codes and times of day when traffic is at peak density to better ensure the right audience gets the message.

Meanwhile, fleet wraps help businesses move beyond micro-targeted markets and into multiple territories. Applying large vinyl graphics to company trucks, vans and service cars provides consistent, easily recognizable branding across markets as a business’s fleet of drivers go about their day-to-day tasks. Depending on the location, fleet wraps can generate 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions, making them a cost-effective and impactful way to grow brand awareness.

Building Employee Engagement

As important as it is for businesses to effectively convey their brand to prospective customers, companies of all sizes are recognizing the need to invest in culture building from within. In other words, they need to devise internal marketing strategies for employee engagement.

People spend a substantial part of their lives at work, and their physical workspace can have a surprisingly significant effect on their moods and productivity. A recent study found 92 percent of American employees said their performance suffers when their workplace is lacking in a number of factors, including interconnectivity with colleagues and flexibility when it comes to workspaces.

Environmental graphics are a sub-category of wide-format printing that many employers are seeking out to create not only a workplace that’s stimulating and engaging for employees, but also clearly conveys a brand’s mission and values.

Through the use of wall murals and window graphics, brands can help employees remember their purpose and the meaning behind the work they do every day. For example, SpeedPro Imaging studio worked with an accounting and business consulting firm to revitalize their office space to focus on innovation and collaboration. The studio worked with the client to add giant coloring walls, an employee recognition wall where staff added notes of praise and gratitude, and game walls that combined employee accomplishments with fun, interactive games.

These installations give employees the chance to connect with each other and foster a collegial environment that clearly conveys the brand’s values.

Capitalizing on Event Marketing for Lead Generation

At the cross section between branding and engagement – with a healthy dose of lead generation thrown in – is event marketing. Sixty-nine percent of marketers indicated events were the most successful channel for top-of-the-funnel lead generation, according to a benchmark study from Demand Generation.

Trade shows and conferences remain a key tool in businesses’ toolboxes to get their brand in front of specific audiences with branding, messaging and demonstrations tailored to speak to attendees. Companies in all industries work with organizations like SpeedPro to create customized trade show booths and signage.

For instance, we’ve helped businesses design custom kiosks, backlit graphic displays, literature racks and tablet displays. When designed by a wide-format graphics vendor partner, each element reinforces the central message a brand is trying to communicate, whether it be a software-as-a-service provider or an ad agency.

As a result, trade show exhibitors not only effectively attract attendees with an eye-catching display, but they’re better able to engage their audience with features that quickly demonstrate the solution they can provide to their specific customer.

Celebrate the Power of Wide-Format Printing

Thanks to dedication to innovation dating back to Benjamin Franklin and beyond, organizations spanning all industries and verticals are able to leverage wide-format printing to help achieve core business objectives.

SpeedPro’s Chicago Loop Imaging studio is always prepared to be your wide-format printing partner when devising a strategy to push the envelope of what experiential graphics can do for your brand.

SpeedPro Chicago Loop is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB, U.S. Marine Corps 86-94).

We specialize in creating Surface Impact ™ for your brand, located near McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

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