3 Trade Show Display Booths That Will Blow Your Mind

JUNE 18, 2018| SpeedPro

While the space you have at a trade show may be limited, the possibilities for grabbing the attention of attendees is limitless. If done right, you will draw masses to your booth.

Trade show booths are first about making an impression, and the way to do that is stand out and get your brand name and brand description across to trade show attendees. When you make a good and lasting impression, you can begin to form a relationship between your brand and visitors, who may be potential customers. It’s important to keep in mind that first impressions are formed within seconds, so it’s well worth your time and energy to create an impressive trade show booth.

When you make a good impression, trade show visitors will flock to your booth. The bigger the crowd at your booth, the more attention you will draw from other passersby. They will be curious about what all the excitement is about and stick around to find out.

Here are three trade show booths that helped SpeedPro clients stand out among the other vendors at their respective trade shows by making a big impression.

A Playful Space

North Star Games blows the idea of a booth out of the water. With SpeedPro’s help developing a large backdrop and wraps that cover all the tables, the board game maker created a playful space that feels more like a front yard than a segment of a convention hall.

All the green on the tables and the large blue expanse for sky on the backdrop gives the visitor the impression they’re outside on a nice day. And, the red and contrasting word “games” pops out on the backdrop and tables, letting visitors know this is a fun space. Interactive booths go a long way toward making a good impression, and the decorated tables draw visitors in to check out the different board games on each.

Attention from Afar

Taking advantage of every inch of space you have for your trade show booth is important. SpeedPro helped Nettime Solutions draw attention by using height to the brand’s advantage. SpeedPro created a tall backdrop that can be seen from far away.

But, SpeedPro didn’t stop there – they created a wrap that covers a large circular structure hanging from the ceiling above the tall backdrop. The Nettime Solutions sign almost reached the ceiling, ensuring visitors even in the farthest point of the trade show saw the brand name. But there’s more than meets the eye. When visitors approached the booth, they saw the bottom of the circular, ceiling-high sign showed a clock partially covered by a cloud – the brand’s logo. This accurately portrayed what Nettime Solutions is: the developer of cloud-based time and attendance software.

Simply Irresistible

What you don’t do with the space you have matters, too. Forty percent of booth design graphics should be empty space, according to Handshake. SpeedPro had this rule of thumb in mind when it developed the trade show booth for DoubleClick, a subsidiary of Google that provides digital advertising services.

The simple and uncluttered design, divided into three backdrop segments, using green, grey and white is attractive and alluring. They provide the ideal background for the two yellow bicycles, which catch the eye of any visitor passing by. The table wrap, which reflects the backdrop, provides added emphasis without being obnoxious.

Tips for Further Enhancing Your Trade Show Booth

  • Make it an Experience – Allowing trade show visitors to use your product or interact in a game or event at your booth will help make it more memorable.
  • Light it Up – Make sure you use the proper lighting to help your booth draw attention. Make sure your booth is evenly lit and lights don’t create a glare.
  • Show Some Hospitality – When visitors approach your booth, ensure that they receive a warm greeting by staffing your booth with your friendliest employees.

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