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3 Ways Environmental Graphics Can Add New Life to Schools

JULY 30, 2019|



Nearly half of all students in the U.S. are disengaged in school – making it difficult for teachers to relay lessons that resonate in the classroom.

At the same time, a school’s physical space is one of the most important factors affecting student learning and engagement. The bare, cinder-block walls and uniform rows of desks lining most school classrooms can be less than inspiring, but they can just as easily transform into an immersive, positive and student-centered environment.

By incorporating environmental graphics throughout your school, you can create a more engaging learning environment, while increasing student privacy and security, reinforcing your core values and showcasing your students and school brand.

Here are three ways environmental graphics can add new life to your school:

1. Upgrade Your School’s Privacy and Security

Environmental graphics are adhesive graphics that can be applied to doors, windows, floors, walls or ceilings to enhance your environment, and change your space in a fundamental way.

These graphics’ versatility and compatibility with nearly any surface make them the perfect solution for transforming an environment from top to bottom, adding points of interest and colorful design to every inch of your space. This contributes to the cohesion of your design while creating an immersive and engaging environment.

SpeedPro Wall Graphics School
Courtesy of: SpeedPro Chicago Loop

Beyond aesthetics, however, environmental graphics’ versatility can also serve the important function of instantly increasing your students’ privacy, safety and security.

Decals, wall murals and other large-scale graphics are easily applied to glass finishes on windows and doors, blocking any outside view of your students.

By fully or partially covering your school’s highly-visible areas, you can prevent passersby from seeing inside, while limiting students’ distractions in the classroom. This is particularly useful for schools in high-traffic areas.

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Courtesy of: SpeedPro Chicago Loop

2. Reinforce Your Core Values and Enliven School Spirit

Awe-inspiring aesthetics and visual elements are the keys to elevating your environment. However, you’ll need more than just a scenic backdrop to actively engage students.

Instead, you should have a clear vision in mind for any abstract messages or core values you’re trying to communicate with your environment. For instance, a wall-to-wall mural featuring students working together on a project can promote a message of cooperation, collaboration and community.

You can also involve your students directly in the design of their surroundings by offering them the opportunity to submit mock-ups, drawings and ideas to incorporate in graphics across the school.

SpeedPro Wall Graphics in school
Courtesy of: SpeedPro Chicago Loop

This can help create a stronger sense of community among students, as well as a meaningful connection to their environment and the school itself. Plus, by taking an active role in the design of their surroundings, students also often feel a greater sense of school spirit and pride.

With a strategic approach to environmental graphic design, you can take your visuals a step further and accomplish your broader objectives to engage students and enliven school spirit.

3. Showcase Your Brand and Students

Just as environmental graphics can create a positive, supportive and cooperative atmosphere, they should also serve to showcase your school, students and staff in a more concrete way.

While academia is first and foremost in any learning environment, your school is also a brand.  And, reinforcing the different elements of that brand – from your school colors to your mascot – can further elevate a sense of school spirit and community.

Incorporate your school colors – and complementary hues – wherever you can in murals, banners and other graphics. Adhere large floor decals displaying your school mascot or name in common areas, like gyms, cafeterias, lobbies and hallways.

SpeedPro Floor Graphics
Courtesy of: SpeedPro Chicago Loop

Also, wherever possible, showcase your own students and their accomplishments in your large-scale visuals. This can mean using photos of current students in permanent murals or featuring them in a ‘Wall of Fame’ or other temporary canvas or decal.

Not only does this promote student engagement, but it can also impress and attract prospective students and parents.

To learn more about how environmental graphics can take your learning space to the next level, find a SpeedPro studio in your area today!

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