Backlit Trade Show Displays

Backlit Trade Show Displays

DECEMBER 24, 2019| SpeedPro

You know the image — you’re walking through a neverending show floor filled with the same cookie-cutter booth displays and businesses vying for your attention. Until one of them stands out. It has a unique, eye-catching display, brightly lit up to rise above the humdrum of the competition. Chances are, it’s a backlit display.

These impressive signs are perfect for businesses and organizations trying to get an edge over their competitors at trade shows. Light up your booth and bring in more attendees with a backlit trade show display. Here are the details of this unique marketing tool and the options it offers.

What Is a Backlit Display?

If you ever see a sizeable lit-up sign with a high-quality image, you may have been looking at a backlit sign. Though different materials are available, most backlit signage is similarly made. A backlit display typically stretches a piece of fabric around a frame. Inside the frame are powerful LED lights that distribute the light source across the image. Here at SpeedPro, we print the graphic onto a piece of fabric through a special process called dye sublimation, which offers a UV-resistant, long-lasting image. We use overprinting measures and other strategies to ensure a saturated, vibrant image that appears rich and resists appearing faded when lit up. Plus, these fabrics are easy to change out, so you can use one frame for multiple graphics.

The other big factor of a backlit display is the lighting itself. We opt for LEDs, which are better for the environment than traditional incandescents. LEDs last about 25 times longer and use at least 75% less energy. They are also more resistant to breaking. Lighting like this will work indoors or out, as long as you can connect it to a power source.

Backlighting a trade show display has the benefit of large-format signage to get your message across, along with the pop of bright light to brighten up your table and catch the eye of passersby. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find one that best fits your location and setup.

Types of Backlit Displays [list]

Types of Backlit Displays

Backlit displays come with a variety of display and configuration options, so you can brighten up your image in whatever style fits your setup the best. Some areas for variation include the attachment of lights, as some will be built-in where others come separately, and in the frame design. Here are some of the options that SpeedPro offers.

  • Backlit counters: These eye-catching structures can serve as a sharp centerpiece for your exhibit space. Choose from counters with a collapsible push-fit tension design or those with a central push-fit display within a laminate counter. Designs can vary widely, from curved modern designs to sleek, modular options. Some counters feature cabinets for added storage space, where you can keep informational booklets, business cards and freebies. Fabric is a common choice, but many counters will also work with backlit vinyl graphics.
  • Backlit push-fit fabric displays: Also called lightboxes, these displays are one of the easiest ways to introduce a backlit display into your trade show exhibit or table. They hold your tensed fabric across a frame with attached LED lighting. The graphic attaches to channel bars at the edges of the frame, which can be single- or double-sided. From small 3-foot displays for your tabletop to large 30-foot inline displays to create a backdrop for your exhibit, size options are extensive. The push-fit display is a versatile approach to backlighting that gives you plenty of options.
  • Dynamic light boxes: A dynamic light box is similar to a push-fit fabric display, but it involves a programmable LED light curtain. With these lights, you can add a layer of animation to complement your design.
  • Backlit fabric towers: freestanding tower of illuminated imagery uses the vertical space available to you as advertising real estate. It can pull people in from across the exhibit hall with its height and color. These towers are freestanding and either two-, three- or four-sided. They can also incorporate a monitor. Like other backlit displays, the fabric stretches across a frame, and the lights brighten up the image from the inside out.
  • Straight backlit displays: The straight-tension fabric display uses an aluminum tube rectangular frame and an LED light curtain or edge lighting. The printed graphic comes with a zipper on one side, so you can stretch it out and zip it up like a pillowcase. They’re quick to set up and come in sizes up to 30 feet wide.

In addition to these frames, you can also purchase light kits to adapt some of your existing displays into backlit ones.

The Benefits of Backlit Displays

Placing a backlit display in your trade show exhibit is one of the best ways to make your display stand out. Something about a bright light in a dim showroom draws the eye to your table. Coupled with a stellar graphic and vibrant colors, it can be a massive help in drawing crowds to you and beefing up your exhibition stall branding. Some of the other useful features of backlit signage include:

  • Easy transportation: Many styles of the display are collapsible, making them easy to tuck away in a storage room until the next trade show. We also offer carrying cases to help you transport them.
  • Environmentally friendly: Since we use LED lights instead of traditional incandescent lights, the effect on the environment is less damaging. It also allows you to create programmable lighting effects in some instances.
  • Offer higher visibility: Ever found yourself in a low-light showroom where you’re struggling to find the right items to hand to potential partners? A backlit display offers a functional purpose and can brighten up your workspace throughout the show. Bright lights tend to heighten our emotional responses, and much of marketing relies on appeals to emotion. You may have better luck getting your visitors to have a memorable and positive experience, bringing you more business as you work your trade show booth.
  • Versatile: Most LED-backlit graphics are interchangeable. You can swap out your images based on current promotional goals, the trade show you’re attending or even for a rebranding effort.

Backlit Displays From SpeedPro

Whatever type of display you decide to use, high-quality materials can make all the difference to your image. Durable materials with quality printing won’t appear faded or washed-out when lights brighten up the image, and strong frames will last a long time and enhance your display at every show. At SpeedPro, we work with high-grade materials and use specific print methods to ensure that your backlit graphics appear fully saturated and sharp when lit up.

When you partner with SpeedPro, you get an expert staff that treats your order with the care and commitment it deserves. Each of the studios in our large nationwide network is powered by designers and printers who can bring your illuminated vision to life and brighten up your next trade show display with quality products and stunning prints. Get in touch with your local studio to learn more about these powerful, unique display options.

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