The Benefits Of Using Floor Graphics For Your Business

The Benefits of Using Floor Graphics for Your Business

APRIL 15, 2019| SpeedPro



Effective advertising is essential for any business to succeed, but traditional advertising methods can sometimes fall short. Marketers and business owners seek to find new and creative ways to get their message across. Floor graphics can be that solution. Attention-grabbing and unique floor graphics help businesses connect more effectively with their customers to earn more sales and promote their message. Floor graphics offer limitless design potential and are an affordable advertising solution for any business. If you are looking for a way to take your business advertising to the next level, read on to see how floor graphics can benefit your business.

What Are the Benefits of Floor Graphics for Business?

Versatile vinyl floor graphics can be used to promote anything from a special sale to a core business value. Use floor signage to share what your business is all about or to direct customers to new products. Floor graphics can even be used as an alternative custom flooring option or as decorative features in your store. Available in any shape, size and color, floor graphics offer endless possibilities for branding, marketing, interior design and more.

By incorporating floor graphics in your business, you can tap into the many benefits they offer. From boosting sales to improving customer experience, floor graphics can give your company a competitive edge. Here are some benefits of floor graphics for your business:

1. Floor Graphics Attract Customer Attention

Customers are bombarded by thousands of messages each day, so it is easy for them to overlook traditional advertising methods like posters and signs. However, when signage is effective, it can help boost your sales — nearly seven in 10 American consumers have bought a product after a product sign caught their attention.

Nearly 7 In 10 American Consumers Have Bought A Product After A Product Sign Caught Their Attention

Because floor graphics are placed in an unexpected location, they can catch your customers off guard — in a good way. Floor graphics can make your message stand out, by placing it right under your customers’ noses — and feet. As customers walk through your store, bright and bold floor graphics catch their attention and are impossible to miss.

To make your floor graphics even more eye-catching, choose colors and designs that pop. Use contrast to make your graphics stand out and incorporate creative shapes that pique your customer’s interest. When customers are attracted to your floor graphics, they are more likely to remember your messaging long after they leave your business.

Smart placement of floor graphics can draw even more customer attention. Place your floor graphics in locations where customers least expect them, like elevators or stairways, or maximize customer exposure by choosing places where customers linger, like checkout lines or lobbies. You can also use floor graphics near the entrance of your store to capture customers’ interest when they arrive or to thank them for choosing your business on their way out.

2. Floor Graphics Are Creative and Unique

Vinyl floor graphics are creative and unique

Floor graphics are a creative advertising method that can feature any design, image or message of your choosing. Use vibrant colors and bold lettering for a big impact or design a sleek and sophisticated floor graphic for a professional feel. Vinyl floor graphics can be cut into any shape or size, allowing for more innovative designs. Here are a few creative uses of floor graphics for businesses:

  • Humorous messages: If your brand is humorous and relatable, create floor graphics that make your customers smile. Customers will be impressed by your creative advertising technique and by your brand’s fun personality.
  • Optical illusions: Floor signage or floor graphics with optical illusions will intrigue and interest your customers. Your unique design will stick in your customers’ minds, and they may even share it with their friends and family.
  • Wayfinding signage: What better way to guide customers through your store than placing directions right beneath their feet? Floor graphics can replace or supplement traditional directories or hanging signs to better guide customers through your business.
  • Custom flooring design: Large floor graphics can be used to redesign your business space, without the hefty renovation costs. Floor graphics can be printed to resemble tiles or wood paneling to provide the look of custom flooring at an affordable price. If you do not want to cover your entire floor, decorative floor graphics can be used as design accents in lobbies or entryways.

The design possibilities for floor graphics are as vast as your imagination. At SpeedPro, we can create expansive full-coverage floor graphics as well as delicate and intricate logos. No matter the style of your business, you can create a custom floor graphic to complement and enhance your space — while effectively getting your message out.

3. Floor Signage Provides Effective Directions

When customers come to your business, they want to find what they are looking for quickly and effortlessly. New customers want to feel comfortable navigating your store for the first time, instead of wandering around feeling lost. Floor graphics can serve as effective wayfinding and directional signs to guide both new and repeat customers to the products they need. Here are a few effective uses of floor graphics for directions and wayfinding:

  • Direct customers to store departments: Traditional department directories or hanging signs can be obscured by other customers or challenging to read when hanging far away. Instead, floor graphics can be placed at intersections in your store to offer clear directions towards different departments or products.
  • Direct customers to your most popular products: If there is a particular product that customers are always asking about, use directional floor signs to help customers find this popular product on their own. This frees up salespeople to assist other visitors, as well as providing a little extra promotion for your best products.
  • Provide office directories: In large office buildings, visitors could get lost trying to find the right meeting room or office. Floor graphics can be placed in entryways to direct them towards the correct wing or in front of elevators to let them know which floor they need.
  • Direct customers to additional products: Directional floor signage can boost your business revenue by recommending product pairings and encouraging additional purchases. Use floor graphics to direct customers from one product to another complementary product that they may also be interested in. For example, customers shopping in an aisle of coffee mugs and pots may want to head to the grocery department to purchase coffee beans next.
  • Notify customers of a new store layout: If you reorganize the layout of your store or a department moves to a different office space, temporary floor graphics can be used to direct visitors as they become accustomed to the change. Without clear directions, your loyal customers may become frustrated when they cannot find their favorite product because it moved to the other end of the store.
  • Prevent crowding and bottlenecks: In busy stores, entrances and lobbies can become crowded as customers try to figure out which direction they need to go. Clear directional floor graphics can effectively keep customers moving and prevent bottlenecks in highly-trafficked areas.
  • Label entrances and exits: If your store has multiple entrances, outdoor floor graphics can be used to guide customers to the department they want. Floor graphics can also label the correct entrances and exits so customers do not get frustrated when they try to enter through a locked door.

While adding directional signage to your business may seem like a small improvement, it can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. When customers can easily find what they want every time they visit your business, they will enjoy shopping at your store and be more likely to come back.

4. Floor Graphics Promote Your Brand

Effective branding is a critical part of building customer trust and loyalty. Branded floor graphics can be an effective method to reinforce your brand identity and spread awareness of your company’s values. Whether your business is professional and formal or casual and fun, custom floor graphics can perfectly capture the personality of your brand. Floor graphics can be designed to match the exact branded color and font of your business or feature your company logo or motto.

Floor graphics can also educate customers about your company by advertising awards you have earned or achievements you have reached. Promote your company goals or share new products you are developing. You can even feature interesting facts about your business or industry that customers will be sure to remember. And, when customers encounter your branded images or messages repeatedly, they are more likely to remember your company, too.

5. Floor Graphics Share Information and Advertise Promotions

Create excitement about promotions and special offers by presenting them in eye-catching floor graphics. If there is a seasonal product that you want to move off of the shelves, floor graphic advertisements can help it sell faster to make room for new products.

You can also use floor graphics to educate customers about product features and highlight what makes your products unique. When customers understand how your products work, they can make a more confident and informed purchase. Educated purchase decisions are more likely to lead to satisfied and happy customers.

Floor graphics can also be placed near checkout lines alongside other point-of-purchase displays to encourage last-minute purchases. These impulse buys can provide a significant revenue boost for your business. Five out of six Americans have admitted to making an impulse buy, and over 50 percent of these consumers say they have spent more than $100 on an impulsive purchase.

6. Floor Graphics Save Space

Traditional posters and signs take up valuable wall space and have limited placement options. Promotional displays and stands can also obstruct foot traffic and get in the way of customers trying to shop. Floor graphics eliminate these spatial issues and restrictions by optimizing unused space. Place floor graphics in the middle of entryways or in checkout lines to grab attention without getting in the way and make the most of your available advertising space.

Durable floor graphics can also withstand foot and vehicle traffic so you can place them anywhere — inside or outside of your business — without worrying about them getting damaged.

7. Floor Signage Is a Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Floor graphics offer an effective and affordable advertising solution. Floor graphics can be installed on your own to eliminate installation fees and require no maintenance after they are placed. Because of their low cost, temporary floor graphics can be used to advertise for special events and sales without going over your budget. Floor graphics are also long-lasting for more permanent applications.

When you work with a custom floor graphics provider like SpeedPro, you can find the right floor graphics to fit your budget. Design floor graphics featuring big and bold high-resolution images or opt for smaller graphics with simpler text and designs. You can even choose from a variety of materials for your floor graphics to enjoy even greater control over your purchase.

8. Floor Graphics Offer Versatile Advertising Possibilities

High-quality floor graphics can be placed on nearly any floor surface, including concrete, tile, laminated floors and more. Floor graphics can be placed indoors or outdoors for even more advertising options.

Because floor graphics are easy to install, they can provide temporary advertising for events or promote a limited time offer. After the event or promotion ends, simply remove your floor graphic and replace it with an updated message. This flexibility means you can use floor graphics to advertise for anything you want from a single-day sale to a month-long initiative.

You can even use versatile floor graphics to extend your advertising outside of your physical business. Find local events that relate to your industry and ask if you can install a floor graphic to advertise during the event. This will spread awareness of your business and can draw in new customers. If your business is attending a convention or trade show, a branded floor graphic can also draw visitors to your stall.

Should I Use Floor Graphics In My Business

Should I Use Floor Graphics in My Business?

Floor graphics offer many benefits for advertising, branding and marketing, making them a perfect advertising solution for any business. Custom floor graphics can match the style and personality of your business to boost sales and create a more enjoyable customer experience. Here are just a few examples of businesses that can benefit from custom floor graphics:

  • Retail: Floor graphics can be used as a visual merchandising tool to encourage purchases and direct customers to products they will love. Directional floor signs can also guide customers smoothly through your store to improve their shopping experience and satisfaction with your company.
  • Corporate offices: Branded floor graphics present a cohesive image of your brand to put your best foot forward for potential clients. Floor signs can also direct new visitors to the right offices or meeting rooms in large office buildings.
  • Event venues: Convention centers, concert venues, and other event facilities can use floor graphics to promote upcoming events and encourage customers to come back again. Floor signs pointing to merchandise tables or concession stands can also boost revenue.
  • Restaurants and bars: Restaurants and bars can promote food or drink specials with eye-catching floor graphics. Branded floor graphics can also reinforce your brand identity, making customers more likely to think of your business the next time they want to go out to eat.
  • Casinos: Large and spacious casinos can be easy to get lost in, but not with the help of directional floor graphics. Bright and bold floor graphics can also advertise special events or promotions.

Floor graphics can serve as effective advertising for your business, no matter what message you want to promote. Use floor graphics to increase your brand awareness, draw attention to featured products, advertise for upcoming events or simply share a message that helps you connect better with your customers.

Floor Graphics From SpeedPro

If you are seeking new and innovative advertising methods, consider using floor graphics in your business. Vibrant and attention-grabbing floor graphics make your business stand out from the rest, as well as boosting revenue, improving customer experience and getting your brand recognized.

When you work with SpeedPro for your custom floor graphics, we can help you design the perfect graphics for your space and business. Our design experts will work with you to capture the spirit of your brand and meet your design specifications. SpeedPro floor graphics are produced with high-quality materials and designed for easy installation. Learn more about floor graphics from SpeedPro, or contact your local SpeedPro studio to get started.

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