Tips for Combining QR Codes with Digital Signage

Tips for Combining QR Codes With Digital Signage

APRIL 8, 2021| SpeedPro

Quick response (QR) codes and digital signs are some of the most advanced forms of in-store marketing available. To get the most out of both of these marketing devices, you can combine them by adding QR codes to your digital signage. This combination can help you better reach customers by offering a more interactive experience that encourages people to engage with your business digitally.

If you’re interested in upgrading your digital signs with QR codes, learn more about how you can combine these marketing devices and the best tips for using them together.

What Are Digital Signs and QR Codes?

Digital signage is a type of sign made out of LCD or plasma screens and LED lights. These signs work electronically, displaying eye-catching graphics and texts on their screens. These signs typically feature a player or computer component that controls the content on the screen and can be easily adjusted to display a new message or graphic. Many businesses turn to digital signs since they tend to stand out more than print signage.

QR codes are a type of smart signage that features a two-dimensional barcode-style image. Viewers can scan these images with their smartphones to connect to online resources. QR code signage often delivers promotional coupons to a potential customer’s phone to encourage them to make a purchase. Businesses can also link clientele to their website’s landing page, social media sites, online surveys and other various digital resources.

How Can You Combine Them?

Combining QR codes and digital signage is easy. You can quickly generate a QR code designed to link viewers to specific digital resources. After your software generates a QR Code image, you can add it as a graphic to your digital sign. Like print QR codes, digital QR codes are easy to scan and only require a smartphone user to have a compatible reader app. Typically, you’ll find QR codes alongside other ads or promotional content displayed on the screen.

Tips for Using Digital Signage and QR Codes [list]

Tips for Using Them Together

Since QR codes are so easy to combine with digital signage, many companies use them to improve their business and connect with customers in new ways. Employing QR codes and digital signage effectively often comes down to ensuring you place your relevant QR codes alongside attractive graphics and in locations accessible to customers. Many companies also find it helpful to take advantage of smart touch screens and rotating messages.

If you’re planning to combine QR Codes and digital signage, check out some of the top tips for using them together below:

1. Place Digital Signs in Accessible Locations

One of the easiest tips for using QR codes on custom digital signage is to ensure the signage is in an accessible location. Sometimes, digital signs are placed in hard-to-reach areas, such as near the top of columns or above reception areas. When a digital sign is placed too high or in a location inaccessible to a customer, people won’t be able to scan the QR code on the sign and receive the benefits of doing so.

Since you want people to use the QR codes, any digital sign you outfit with these codes should be somewhere customers can easily access it. Popular locations for digital signage containing QR codes include freestanding kiosks, aisle endcaps, customer service counters and changing rooms. Try to find a place for your digital signage where it can sit at eye-level with customers. These signs should be as convenient to access as possible.

2. Pair Codes With Attractive Graphics and Messaging

The use of QR codes by themselves isn’t going to do much to attract customers. If you don’t explain what the codes are or direct customers to scan them, people will likely pass them by without any thought. To get a potential customer’s attention, add attractive graphics and messaging around the QR codes on the digital sign. The text can also explain how a customer can scan the QR code and describe some of the benefits of doing so to further encourage them.

3. Ensure QR Codes Link to Relevant Content

Your promotional deals and company information is likely to change, resulting in a need to change your QR codes as well. After all, you wouldn’t want to link customers to an old sale that’s not currently running, leading them to think they’re getting a discount before being denied at the checkout counter. One of the best aspects of digital signage is how easy it is to edit the images and text the screen displays with a computer.

Since digital signage is so simple to change, you can easily update your QR codes as information or promotional deals change. As soon as you want to adjust your message or link customers to different pieces of information, you can quickly generate a new QR code, replacing the old code in only a few minutes. By ensuring your QR codes always link to relevant content, you can raise customer satisfaction and send them to the right resources.

4. Offer Rotating Codes for Different Audiences

Digital signs can operate much like a slide show, rotating between different images and graphics. You can take advantage of this function by offering multiple codes with a digital sign. For example, a company can set the screen to rotate through various codes, each appealing to different audiences. One customer might be interested in your promotional deal, while another might want to follow your business on social media. Rotating QR codes on digital signs allows you to appeal to both of these customers.

5. Take Advantage of Touch Screens

One major use of digital signage is to outfit it with touch screens that customers can interact with to make orders, receive information or conduct other relevant tasks. Take digital signage with touch screen functionality to the next level by adding QR codes to them. Some companies like to have a touch screen displaying links and descriptions of multiple QR codes, allowing customers to select the QR code they want to access and bring it up on the screen where they can scan it.

Choose SpeedPro for Your QR Code and Digital Signage Needs

With all of the ways you can use QR codes and digital signage to improve customer satisfaction and deliver a cutting-edge experience, you might be interested in employing them yourself. SpeedPro is a nationwide network of studios specializing in large format graphics and can help you combine your QR codes with eye-catching digital signage. Whatever your needs, our expert team will be happy to walk you through your options and develop signage fulfilling your creative vision.

If you’re ready to get started producing custom digital signage with QR codes, find your local SpeedPro studio today.

Choose SpeedPro for your QR Code and Digital Signage Needs

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