How to Tell a Company Story Using a Wall Mural

How to Tell a Company Story Using Wall Mural

FEBRUARY 27, 2020| SpeedPro

Ever since the wall murals of ancient cavemen, human beings have used walls as a canvas to tell stories. In today’s age, instead of a rock and some mashed up berries, you can use powerful printers, weather-resistant adhesives, eye-catching inks and specialized cutters to produce beautiful wall murals that communicate your story to employees and clients.

Even though the technology has advanced, the concept behind a wall mural has stayed the same — telling an engaging story. Storytelling is the fastest way to form a relationship with customers and get them to believe in your mission. As such, it’s wise to use wall murals to weave a captivating narrative.

What Are Wall Murals?

Vinyl wall murals are a type of visual advertisement meant to catch the eye and show viewers what your company is all about. Typically, wall murals will be spread across the surface of a wall, whether inside or outside. They’re used by companies that want to have an effective visual advertising strategy without feeling too “salesy.”

Wall murals are popular throughout the interior of the building, with them placed on reception walls, in hallways and across conference rooms. Wall murals can tell a story inside your business, but they can also tell a story outside of it. Outdoor wall murals are designed to stand up to rain, wind and sun exposure.

Telling Your Company’s Story With a Wall Mural

If a wall mural is an attractive option to you, you’ll want to start thinking about what images, text and graphics you’re going to use on it to tell a story. Since a wall mural attracts attention, it should be designed to connect with customers. One of the best ways to gain that connection is through storytelling.

What to include in your wall mural [list]

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to include a novel in your wall mural. Instead, include imagery powerful enough to impart a message to your audience. Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch. The following ideas all describe ways that you can use a wall mural to tell a story about your company:

1. What You Do

One of the most important stories you can tell about your company is about what you can do for clients and customers. A wall mural can help you deliver a visual representation of what exactly customers can expect when they work with you. The imagery and text will tell them what services or products you offer, potentially piquing their interest.

Wall murals that show your company’s products and services help people quickly understand the purpose of your business. Additionally, they can even increase recall about the services you provide even if a customer has only seen your mural for a brief moment.

For instance, the image of an employee on a ladder holding a paintbrush would quickly signal to a viewer that your company offers painting services. From that, the viewer could begin to form their own narrative about how you could help them finally repaint their old office building.

2. Top Talent

Another excellent function of wall murals is that they can make your staff feel valued. Using a wall mural to display images and messages that celebrate top staff members can do wonders for morale, with employees feeling appreciated by the company and having something to work for. Every staff member up on a wall mural tells an audience mini-stories of individual achievement and the way the company empowered them to reach their goals.

3. History of Your Company

Instead of highlighting individuals, you can also showcase your company as a whole. For example, large wall murals are excellent at depicting a company’s history. In structure, history-based wall murals tell a fairly familiar narrative about how you got from Point A to Point B. After all, what’s better than a good origin story? A company mural that shows how your company went from two people in a garage to owning multiple offices is sure to inspire many who see it.

Whatever your company’s origins, highlighting the milestones in your history is an excellent choice for a wall mural. The key to a successful timeline wall mural is clearly showing your company’s trajectory. Where did you start, and how did you get to where you are now? Depicting moments of progress at your company, such as the launch of an innovative product or a moment of major expansion, can make a positive impression on potential employees and clients.

4. Values and Vision

In a wall mural that’s vision and value-focused, you’ll want to focus on imagery and text that highlights what your company believes in and where you are planning on going. In story terms, think of this kind of wall as a character-focused narrative. What should the audience know about your main character?

As your business is the main character in this story, you can use the wall mural to tell anyone who enters your office what your company cares about most. Additionally, the mural can be used to describe the way in which your company puts those values into practice. For example, a simple picture of your company taking a community service day could tell a story about a company dedicated to helping the public.

Additionally, a company vision that accompanies your values can be depicted in a wall mural as well. Where do you want your company to go in the future? What do you want to accomplish next? Depicting your vision for the future will make people feel like they are in the middle of a story with you, helping you meet your goals.

5. Company Culture

In addition to more complex wall murals, you can use a single image on a wall mural to tell an effective story. With only a picture of an iconic moment or provocative image, you can generate a range of emotions in a viewer. As such, they’re perfect for showcasing your company culture. For example, an image of your staff having fun can show that your culture is relaxed and devoted to developing a community in the office.

Let SpeedPro Help You Tell Your Story

When you work with SpeedPro, you can be sure that your story is going to be told right. We didn’t become a nationwide network of studios by being average. Rather, we use only the best materials and are dedicated to exceptional customer service. You can be confident that your wall murals will be on-time, fit your vision, last a long time and impress anyone who sees them.

Find your local SpeedPro today to speak with a representative about how you can use a wall mural to tell your rich history or get customers to connect with you more.

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