Indoor Wall Murals

Indoor Wall Murals

Wall graphics are an easy way to add color, texture and energy to a room. Whether you’re designing a restaurant, store, office, museum or another commercial space, a photo or graphic mural can perk up a blank wall and add variety and intrigue to your interior design project. SpeedPro offers custom wall mural printing and installation services that help you achieve an unparalleled branded environment. Learn more about the advantages, applications and need-to-knows of wall murals.

Benefits of Printed Interior Wall Murals

Murals can instantly add color, high-definition photos and bold graphics to a wall of any height and width. They make a fun, eye-popping addition to any corporate branding or office redesign project. While some people consider painted murals to get the job done, printed murals offer some distinct advantages, such as:

  • Easy installation: Wall mural prints are a simple way to get a bold, large-format design into any space. There’s no drilling, holes, glue or paint involved, and they remove cleanly. In other words, they’re landlord-approved. They look great on textured, cinderblock and smooth walls alike.
  • Design flexibility: Printers can transform almost any graphic into a large-format wall mural. As long as the source photo is high-definition, your wall mural can look photo-realistic. Achieve sharp, clean lettering and branded color-matching with ease using an indoor mural.
  • Branding: Whether it’s a restaurant or an office space, an indoor wall mural can contribute to branding an environment. Brand-approved graphics, core beliefs, logos and color schemes can integrate into any interior space’s look and feel.
  • Visual appeal and depth: A wall mural adds a bold pop of color or sophisticated texture to any space and can match a broad range of design aesthetics. Wall murals ignite conversations, liven up work environments and impress visitors.
  • Low maintenance: Wall murals are flat and don’t collect dust the way a framed photo would. They stay relatively clean and adhere to surfaces for many years. If you have a laminated mural, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap as needed.

Applications for Indoor Wall Murals [list]

Applications for Indoor Wall Murals

Interior designers use wall graphics for many purposes. You might install an indoor wall mural to:

  • Brand a commercial setting: Branded interiors deepen people’s connections to companies. They situate employees within the culture and create a recognizable environment for guests and clients.
  • Tell a story: Use an empty wall as a blank canvas to tell a story. In commercial settings, wall murals can highlight photos of an original building or founder. They might display a pithy quote that highlights a company’s mission. Brands, museums and schools sometimes use wall graphics to bring a timeline to life, whether that’s a company history or the life of a historical figure.
  • Add atmosphere and character: Color schemes, photos and graphics can contribute to a sense of place and evoke strong, positive feelings. Bright colors can bring a sense of fun or whimsy, while sleek black-and-white photos can add an air of elegance. Whatever effect you want to achieve in a particular room, do it with a mural.
  • Create separation in an open floor plan: The open office trend has torn down the walls between cubicles and private offices, leaving many workplaces with vast swaths of communal space. Without dividing walls, making separate areas or departments requires strategic interior design. They might delineate space and create a sense of enclosure using different wall graphics in each section.
  • Make a small space feel bigger: Likewise, a wall mural can make a cramped space feel roomier. A wall photo mural with a lot of depth, such as a landscape horizon line, and light, airy colors can create the illusion of extra space.
  • Transform an event venue: While interior wall murals are often permanent and semi-permanent installations, they can also quickly decorate an event venue. Whether the event theme is an exotic locale or a unique setting, a blank wall can instantly transport guests to where you want them to go with a themed graphic.

How Does Large Wall Mural Printing Work?

A large-format printer can print mural graphics of any size. They might print using a roll-fed printer, producing graphics up to 6 feet wide and 300 feet long from a single roll. A flatbed printer, which is more similar to the printer you’d use at home or in the office, can handle murals up to 5 feet wide and 18 feet long.

Have a bigger wall? Wall graphics can be printed in sections, creating tiles that you apply to the wall piece by piece. No wall is too large or too complicated. Your wall mural printing studio will factor in your wall’s dimensions when you begin discussing your mural design to help you find the right materials for your application.

Print Media Options

Your print studio can apply your graphic to various print materials, each producing a unique texture and effect. Your print media options include:

  • Calendered vinyl: Calendered vinyl is a thick, dense, self-adhering wall mural material. It contains PVC plastic, and it’s a good choice for long, flat applications.
  • Cast vinyl: One of the most popular wall graphic materials is cast vinyl, a thin plastic film. It has a finish similar to paint, making it a popular choice for murals. It’s thinner than calendered vinyl, letting you install it on curves, columns and corners with ease.
  • Photo paper: If using photography or collages in your mural design, photo paper can achieve a crisp, glossy, high-definition appearance. It’s excellent for collages and photo-heavy murals.
  • Canvas: Recent advancements in digital printing technology have allowed printers to produce murals on fabrics like canvas. The materials can create a unique, textured effect that replicates the effect of a painting on canvas.

Printing Ink Options

Mural graphics can use one of two types of ink, either:

  • UV-curable: On a flatbed printer, a UV light can dry UV-curable ink instantly, allowing printers to print on several materials without the colors bleeding into one another.
  • Eco-solvent: Eco-solvent ink interacts with the print media’s fibers and can produce sheens or finishes and creates long-lasting color and clarity. It must be heat-dried to remove the top layer of solvent.

How Do You Apply a Large Wall Mural Print?

SpeedPro offers professional installation services for wall graphics to achieve a smooth application. We can help you work around curves, corners, outlets, fire alarms, light switches and other obstacles for a superior final result. If you’d rather install it yourself, the process is relatively simple. Follow these six steps to apply your printed wall mural:

  1. Plan: Before you install your wall graphics, make sure you know exactly where they will hang. If the wall has a glossy paint finish, consider adding a matte layer so the material will stick better.
  2. Clean: It’s critical to adhere your graphic to a smooth, dust-free surface so the material will stick and won’t leave bubbles. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the wall and wait for it to dry before installing.
  3. Start from the top: Your decal will come with a plastic backing. Peel off a small amount from the top of the graphic, line up the adhesive side against the wall and work your way down.
  4. Peel the backing gradually: It’s best not to remove the entire backing at once. By peeling the back off slowly, you can prevent bubbles and pinching as you go. Take your time, and press down the vinyl as you go.
  5. Smooth the surface: If you catch any air pockets forming, smooth them out before you continue. Use a flat object, such as a hard-cover book, to flatten it out as you go.
  6. Remove the backing: When you reach the bottom of the vinyl, finish removing the backing. Wipe down the mural with a warm, damp cloth to help seal the bond underneath. If your wall meets the floor, you’ll want to apply a sealant to protect it from future mopping or spills.

Create Eye-Catching Indoor Wall Murals With SpeedPro

SpeedPro specializes in wide-format printing using the latest printing technology and durable, premium materials. If you’re looking for a high-impact custom wall mural, contact your local SpeedPro studio to set up a design consultation. We’ll make printing suggestions based on your wall’s measurements, the color and lighting in the rest of the space, and any image or graphic ideas you already have. Get ready to get noticed with bold graphics from SpeedPro.

Create eye-catching indoor wall murals with SpeedPro.