Painted vs Printed Wall Mural

Painted vs. Printed Wall Murals

JULY 17, 2020| SpeedPro

Should you get someone to paint a wall mural, or should you get your wall mural printed? Companies regularly turn to both options since they give your walls a unique appearance and help you reinforce your brand. Though they have many similarities, there are some key differences that make printed wall murals the better choice for many companies.

As you try to decide between printed vs. painted wall murals, you should know what they are, the ways they’re similar and how they differ.

What Are Painted and Printed Wall Murals?

Painted wall murals refer to murals that are hand-painted onto a wall on the interior or exterior of your building. In contrast, printed wall murals are designed with software, printed out onto a thin material and attached to an inside or outside wall.

Either type of custom wall mural can feature personalized graphics, images and text. Many businesses use these murals to better brand their space and improve their appearance. There are some differences in how the murals are applied and maintained that often make printed wall murals the better option.

Similarities Between Printed and Painted Murals

Wall murals make your space more inviting and cohesive with your brand

Wall murals, no matter how they’re created, are some of the most effective forms of advertising out there. Both painted and printed wall murals bring excellent benefits with them, such as making your space more inviting and cohesive with your brand. Since either form of wall mural can feature detailed, attractive graphics, there are some shared benefits between them.

Below you can find more about the top similarities and advantages of painted and printed wall murals:

1. Eye Catching

Painted and printed murals both offer eye-catching visuals that improve the appearance of a building and can draw people into a business. If placed on the exterior of the building, a wall mural can make your company stand out with swirling colors that pop next to the muted building colors beside you. The mural may also serve as a popular backdrop for photos — especially if designed with an intentional photo-op space — which can help increase your exposure on social media. Indoors, you can use murals to add an extra flair to your walls and highlight key aspects of your brand.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

When it comes to decorating the interior and exterior of a business, many turn to wall murals. They can be outfitted with brand-friendly colors and captivating images to make your business a pleasant place to work and for clients to visit. Whether you’re looking for an expansive landscape mural or a bold campaign image, both types of wall murals have the ability to improve the look of a space and create a consistent brand aesthetic throughout the space.

3. Greater Personalization

Businesses need to craft a brand and personality that makes them easily identifiable by consumers. The personalization of printed and painted wall murals make them an excellent option for most businesses. These wall murals can be customized with brand-specific imagery, colors and messaging to help communicate to potential customers or clients what your company is about. You can break free of the boring or unforgettable decor by working with a wall mural company that provides custom murals.

Why Printed Wall Murals Are Often a Better Choice

Why Printed Wall Murals are Often a Better Choice [list]

While painted wall murals have some shared advantages with printed wall murals, they suffer from long installation times and are less cost-effective. Printed wall murals come with several benefits that make them a better choice for most companies.

The following are some of the ways printed wall murals can give your company extra value:

1. More Efficient Than Paint

Painting wall murals takes a long time. On average, painting can take a few days to finish, with the size and detail of the mural playing a major role in the time it takes to complete. Besides budgeting for the time it takes to complete the painting process, you also have to consider the time it takes to let the paint dry properly.

If you have a busy space that needs to be looking its best at all times, the amount of time it takes to paint the wall mural can be a major problem. Printed wall murals give you all the visual benefits of painted murals, while still giving you a fast installation process. You simply apply the printed mural on the wall, peel the backing off and use the adhesive underneath to attach the mural to the wall.

2. Fast Removal and Replacement

The ability to remove printed murals quickly is another key advantage to using printed murals over painted wall murals. At times, your branding strategy might change, or you may have something new to promote. If you have painted wall murals, you can’t immediately replace them. You’ll have to hire a professional painter who can paint over the previous wall mural and replace it with your desired graphics. This long process can be a problem for companies who are trying to rebrand quickly.

Unlike painted wall murals, printed wall murals can quickly be removed from a wall and replaced with a new one. If you have times where you need to advertise a temporary message or change the appearance of your business for an event, printed wall murals should be your choice. If you want to transform the building for a weekend holiday party, you can change its appearance to match the occasion and have it back to normal by Monday.

3. Cost-Effective

Hiring a painter is likely to cost you a great deal of money if you want to make sure you’re receiving a high-quality product. Since painters are providing a specialized service, they can often command high hourly rates and prices. Additionally, you’ll incur extra expenses over the years if you have to repaint damaged sections or want to replace the mural with something new.

In contrast, printed wall murals keep your costs much lower since they’re created using digital software and don’t require high-priced specialty paints. They don’t need a specialist to place them on walls, and the installation process is very quick, leading to lower costs overall. When you need to replace a section or remove the mural entirely, it’s much more affordable than painted murals.

Choose SpeedPro for Your Printed Wall Murals

Ready to turn your walls into canvases for beautiful images that communicate your brand to whoever enters your building? As a nationwide network of studios specializing in large-format imagery, SpeedPro has the ability to outfit you with the best printed wall murals in the industry. No matter the size of the wall or the complexity of your design, we can bring your vision to life.

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