Intro to Door Wraps

Intro to Door Wraps

APRIL 15, 2020| SpeedPro

Door wraps are commonly used by a variety of organizations to improve the look of a building while also relaying targeted messages to consumers, clients and employees. In effect, door wraps turn a plain door into a canvas for eye-catching imagery that is sure to make your building a more pleasant place to visit and work. Companies who know how to brand their office, store or arena consistently turn to vinyl door wraps for their doors.

As you consider door wraps for your own organization, you’ll need to know what they are, who they are used by and how they benefit your buildings.

What Are Door Wraps?

Door wraps are graphic prints that attach to the interior and exterior facing sides of doorways. They adhere to most surfaces, including glass, metal and wood. They can cover an entire doorway or simply provide small accents to a location. They are also flexible, so you can adjust the wrap to fit your company’s needs exactly.

Door wraps are often made out of vinyl, as the material sticks well to the surface of a door and is extremely durable. These vinyl wraps often feature on-brand graphics and images, along with a company’s logo. Most vinyl door wraps feature customized colors that consumers associate with a particular company. The potential for door wraps is practically limitless.

Elevator door decals are a popular type of door wrap. Custom elevator door skins give companies and organizations the chance to add visual appeal to areas often neglected. While someone waits to ride your elevator, they won’t miss your branded graphics on the doors. Likewise, while someone rides in your elevator, they’ll also see your custom graphics if you decide to place elevator door wraps on the interior doors.

Glass door decals for businesses are commonly featured at the entranceway to a building. If you want to allow people to see into your office or store, but don’t want to leave your glass door completely blank, a glass door wrap is a perfect solution. You can fill enough of the glass door with custom graphics and images to attract people to the entranceway, while still leaving enough of the door translucent, so people can see through it.

Where are door wraps used? [list]

Where Are Door Wraps Used?

Door wraps are used by a variety of organizations and companies to draw attention to a building or decorate a space. The on-brand imagery of business door decals makes them attractive to organizations looking to increase the visual appeal of a location and cement their company in potential clients or customers’ minds. Door wraps are commonly used in:

  • Offices: Vinyl door wraps are a favorite for businesses that regularly receive clients or who want to make their workspace more visually appealing to employees. With doors wraps placed onto your office’s doors, you can direct clients and employees to the proper entranceway or to particular offices within the office space.
  • Sports arenas and stadiumsFrom the amateur to the professional level, sports organizations use door wraps to outfit their arenas and stadiums with attractive graphics. A wrap featuring the team graphics at the doorway into and out of the locker rooms, for example, can get the home team excited to go out and compete. Additionally, the entranceway to an arena is another popular area for vinyl door wraps, as they get fans excited to come to see the team play.
  • Stores: To attract people into a store and get them to check out your latest products, you should consider a door wrap. For example, a vinyl door wrap can display store hours and imagery that’s likely to attract viewers into the store. If you want to separate yourself from the competition, a door decal is a great place to start.

Benefits of Door Wraps

There are several advantages that come with placing door wraps on your doorways. Many of the prime benefits of door wraps comes down to their branding, attention-generating and decorative abilities. Door wraps are great for businesses because they:

1. Call Attention

Door wraps are excellent at calling attention to the entranceway of a building. As they change the look of the door, they’ll stand out to those walking by, enticing a potential customer into a store or helping a client find the entrance to an office. Door wraps with eye-catching, vibrant graphics are often popular at the front door of a building to take full advantage of a door wrap’s capacity to attract people.

For stores, the door wrap can even incorporate seasonal graphics that describe sales or other promotional information. Information like this can get potential customers to stop and see what your store is offering. If your business is located in an office space surrounded by others, logos and other graphics on your doorway can make sure you stand out from the others, pulling in more business and helping interested clients find you.

2. Add Visual Appeal

With their ability to house several graphics, messages and colors, door wraps are an excellent option for companies looking to make their space more attractive.

You want employees to be excited to come into work and guests to be impressed after seeing your space for the first time. As such, you’ll want your office, store or arena to be as inviting as possible. Attractive graphics on doorways will invite people through your entranceway and continue to provide an aesthetically pleasing experience to those navigating the building.

3. Brand a Location

Another significant benefit to door wraps is their ability to brand a building. Instead of the plain-old doorways that everyone is used to seeing, you can outfit your doors with logos, graphics and colors that people already associate with your company. Since effective branding is crucial to the success of companies, door wraps are a must-have for any company looking to improve name-recognition and become the first option people think of when they need a product or service.

From a distance, people will be able to recognize your building because of the on-brand door wrap. Even if they don’t enter, they’ll be reminded of your presence, subtly increasing your credibility in their eyes. For sports teams, branding doorways will be even more important, as it will increase team spirit among fans and the home team.

Choose Door Wraps from SpeedPro

If you’re ready to add door wraps to your organization’s interior or exterior doors, you’ll want to work with a company who has plenty of experience printing eye-catching, high-resolution door decals for businesses.

With a nationwide network of studios dedicated to producing large-format graphics, SpeedPro has the expertise and resources to handle all of your vinyl door wraps. With all of the benefits these wraps provide, any company would be wise to utilize them.

Find your local SpeedPro studio to speak with a representative about all of the different kinds of door wraps available to your company.

Choose door wraps from SpeedPro.

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