Tips for Transporting Trade Show Displays

Tips for Transporting Trade Show Displays

DECEMBER 1, 2019| SpeedPro

Experienced trade show attendees know that the first step to making a positive impact with their trade show graphics is getting their graphics there in the first place. Before you order trade show displays or attempt to transport your exhibit components to an event, you should get a general idea of the best practices when it comes to transportation. It’s also essential that you have a working knowledge of transportation-friendly pop-up trade show displays.

Three General Tips for Transporting Trade Show Displays

To ensure your transportation process goes smoothly, you should consider the following tips that experienced trade show exhibitors regularly follow.

Top Three Tips for Transporting Trade Show Displays [list]

1. Know the Regulations

When you have trade show displays to transport, the first step you should take is to ensure they fall under the trade show’s regulations. You don’t want to end up transporting some of your folding trade show displays, only to have a staff member from the event tell you that you need to take them down.

Not only will having to dismantle a trade show display make you have to do extra work, but it can also result in an unattractive booth. Say, for instance, you learn on the day of the event that the trade show’s regulations prohibit a central component of your exhibit. You’ll end up with a booth that looks incomplete.

2. Plan Your Display’s Design

Before you transport your full trade show displays, you’ll want to plan out how your booth is going to look. You’ll need to take the booth’s dimensions into account, so you know what displays will fit. With a booth’s dimensions in place, you can set up your trade show display to ensure that it will fit and look as aesthetically appealing as possible.

By taking the time to plan your display, you’ll know what parts of your exhibit you need to bring to the trade show. This knowledge helps you have the most efficient shipping process possible, as you’ll only bring essential trade show graphics and other types of displays with you.

3. Figure out Transportation Early

As soon as you know you’ll be heading to a trade show, you’ll need to make transportation plans. Depending on the amount of graphics and displays you need to take to trade shows, different vehicles are going to be more appropriate. You might be able to transport smaller displays with a van, while a larger one will result in you needing to use a trailer or a moving truck.

To know what size of vehicle you should expect to use, it’s smart to make a list of all your exhibit components with their dimensions included. By getting an idea of everything you need to transport and knowing how large those components are, you should be able to calculate the size of the vehicle you need. If you have a lot to transport, you may want to hire a shipping company to handle it for you.

Choosing the Most Transportable Displays

When you need to transport displays, you should follow not only the tips listed above, but also select displays designed for easy transportation. If you’re consistently traveling to trade shows and want to make the transportation process more convenient, the following transportable displays are excellent options.

1. Banner Stands

Pop-up banners for trade shows provide several benefits, and often serve as accents for a booth. A standing banner is incredibly versatile, as you can place it almost anywhere that has adequate floor space. Banner stands often house attractive graphics that help promote free samples, advertise your exhibit, give directions and accent a trade show booth’s visual appearance.

Due to their wide-reaching applications and easy setup, pop-up banners are a sought-after item for trade shows. For example, many companies rely on retractable banner stands for their transportability and attractive design. As the name suggests, retractable banners retract into their base’s case, which preserves the graphics and keeps the banner compact for optimal portability.

2. Collapsible Displays

A mainstay of any company that knows how to transport their trade show displays, collapsible displays are easy to move from location to location while also providing exceptional value. They come in several different sizes and options that feature a variety of graphics. Often, these displays serve as both booth backgrounds and visual accents.

Collapsible displays meet the transportation needs that come with attending events and trade shows. For example, Hopup™ tension fabric displays feature integrated fabric graphics that range in size, from small tabletop sizes to 30-foot-wide backwalls. No matter their size,  the frame collapses in on itself, so it can fit into a sizeable rolling carry bag.

3. Custom Tents

Custom tents for trade shows are another great option for trade show displays, as they provide a natural frame for a smaller booth. You can place a variety of other trade-show-appropriate components under the tent to get extra value out of it. Additionally, a custom tent can come with a variety of graphics printed on it to improve brand recognition.

As you look for custom tents that are easy to transport, you’ll likely find the Zoom™ Economy and Standard 10-foot Popup Tent to be one of the best on the market. The tent’s frame folds into itself, so it can fit into a compact carry case. Additionally, the canopy, backwall and sidewall are easy to secure onto the frame, facilitating a fast install process.

4. Shipping Cases

Along with carrying bags that come with portable trade show booth displays, you’ll likely want to also invest in shipping cases that help you store your graphics safely during transportation.  These cases can even be large enough to store multiple displays in one place.

When you need a mid-sized case that can help you easily bring trade show displays directly to the booth and keep your graphics safe, there’s no better option than an OCE Expandable Case. The case features built-in wheels, flexible storage spaces and superior protection. For larger trade show displays, you’ll want to go with a shipping case like a SCRATE, specially designed to hold 4′ x 4′ panels and large exhibits.

Choose SpeedPro for Portable Trade Show Displays

Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to putting together a portable trade show booth, you’ll want to reach out to your local SpeedPro for help. With SpeedPro studios all around the country, we have the resources and expertise needed to help you create a trade show booth that’s both visually appealing and easy to transport.

Find your local SpeedPro to speak with a representative about the types of trade show pop-up displays that are best suited for your needs.

Choose SpeedPro for Portable Trade Show Displays

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