How to Use Floor Decals for Advertising

How to Use Floor Decals for Advertising

OCTOBER 29, 2020| SpeedPro

If you’re looking for ideas for your next advertising campaign, look no further than the floor right in front of you. Floor graphics provide an unexpected, interesting and effective way to advertise to your audience, both inside and outside your business. SpeedPro can help you create floor decals to achieve your marketing goals.

Why You Should Use Vinyl Floor Decals for Advertising

Floor decals, also called floor graphics, are vinyl decals designed to be applied to various indoor flooring materials and outdoor surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Floor graphics can be a powerful tool for a wide range of applications. Companies may choose to use floor decals in their advertising because they are:

  • Durable: With an adhesive back securing the decal to the floor and a protective laminate over your custom graphics, floor decals can remain in place and hold up to foot traffic for long periods. This durability makes them an excellent option for long-term advertisements.
  • Convenient: Floor decals are also relatively affordable, easy to apply and simple to maintain. They’re also easy to remove when you’re ready to change them, which makes them a convenient choice for short-term advertising campaigns in addition to long-term ones.
  • Versatile: Floor decals are an extremely versatile display option. SpeedPro studios can help you create floor graphics in a wide range of sizes and in any custom shape you desire. You can also customize the decal with your personalized text and graphics.
  • Conspicuous: Floor decals have an advantage in that they appear in places where people aren’t used to seeing ads most of the time. Floor graphics also happen to be within the sightlines of people looking down as they walk or check their phones — something people do 96 times per day on average.

Ideas for Using Floor Decals in Advertising [list]

Ideas for Floor Advertising Decals

Companies have found some creative ways to use floor decals for a variety of purposes. Let’s look at some ideas you can use to make floor decals an effective advertising tool for your company.

1. Point the Way to a Featured Product

Floor graphics work especially well as directional signage, pointing the way to direct traffic. Why not direct shoppers in your store to a featured new product? You can even create indoor floor decals that point from one department of your store to a department where shoppers can find related products. For example, you could have a trail of floor decals pointing shoppers in the camping supplies to a point-of-purchase display of s’mores ingredients.

2. Promote Events

If your business is hosting or participating in an event, you can use floor graphics inside and outside to promote the event. If you have the necessary permissions, you could place these ads on public sidewalks. You can also put them in the parking lot and just outside your business. It can be especially effective to place floor decals in the event location days or even weeks before so people who pass through the location take note of the upcoming event.

3. Create an Optical Illusion

Some marketers use large floor decals to create an optical illusion. For example, you could use a decal to make it look like there’s a giant hole or crack in the floor, a body of water or a portal to another world. See if you can brainstorm an optical illusion that would make sense for your company. For example, to advertise a drink with tropical flavors, you could create a decal that makes it look like the tide is coming in, right there in the store.

4. Promote a Sale

It’s no secret that sales can drive traffic to your business, but only if people know about the sale. Temporary floor decals are an excellent option for advertising sales promotions and limited-time offers. This tactic can work for stores inside shopping centers or malls or stores situated next to a public walkway. A sign on the ground or floor outside your entrance declaring there is a clearance sale going on inside may be enough to inspire a passerby to come in to have a look.

5. Ask a Question to Get People Thinking

You can also use floor decals to ask rhetorical questions that will influence people’s thoughts while they’re in your business. For instance, to encourage diners to order dessert, you could create a decal with a mouthwatering photo of your restaurant’s chocolate cake and a question like, “When was the last time you indulged?” A pet store could include a decal just inside the entrance asking, “Does your best friend deserve a new toy?” The point is to grab customers’ attention and nudge them toward making a purchase.

6. Take Advantage of Waiting Areas for Upselling

If your business has waiting areas, you can install floor decals in these areas to add visual interest and potentially upsell products or services to waiting customers. For example, an auto body shop could advertise add-on services like oil changes or tire rotations to customers there to address a different issue. Restaurants can use a decal in their waiting area to promote a new menu item to hungry customers. A salon may encourage customers to add on a conditioning treatment.

7. Connect Customers to Your Social Media Accounts

Since people often see floor decals when they’re already looking down at their phones, why not encourage them to connect with your company online right then and there? Approximately 79% of Americans have social networking profiles, and businesses can use their social accounts to market to these individuals. Include your username or handle for sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and encourage people to follow you for special information and possible discounts. You can also advertise your company’s mobile app if you have one.

Floor Decals From SpeedPro

If you’re looking for ways to imbue some creativity into your advertising campaign or try something a bit outside the norm, floor decals are an excellent solution. This advertising medium has a unique appeal, both for advertisers and consumers. Engage both potential and current customers with eye-catching and completely customized floor decals from SpeedPro. With a large network of print studios all over North America, you can find a studio near you and connect with the staff there to get started.

Your local SpeedPro staff can answer any questions you have about floor decals and help you create graphics that meet your practical needs and fulfill your marketing goals.

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