The ultimate guide to step and repeat banners for weddings.

The Ultimate Guide to Step and Repeat Banners for Weddings

MARCH 9, 2020| SpeedPro

One of the major trends coming this year is step and repeat banners at weddings. These banners have been steadily growing in popularity, and soon, no wedding will be complete without one.

A lot of attention is paid to taking photos of the bride and groom on their wedding day, but there’s no reason why exceptional photo opportunities can’t be extended to those attending a wedding. Step and repeat signs and banners let you do just that, giving attendees an Instagrammable photo opportunity at any wedding.

What Are Step and Repeat Banners?

A step and repeat banner is a type of backdrop that is specially designed for people to take a photo in front of.

Essentially, there are three main steps associated with step and repeat banner:

  1. Stepping up to the banner: The first action that people will take with a custom step and repeat banner will be to step in front of it. At this point, they’ll pose for the camera and smile.
  2. Take the picture: Once properly posed and smiling, someone, whether a professional photographer or a friend with a phone, will take a picture of whoever has stepped up to the banner. Depending on the banner’s size, users may be able to take a picture with multiple people in it.
  3. Repeat: After the picture has been taken and everyone is satisfied, the person who has just gotten their picture taken will step away from the banner. In their place, someone else will step up to the banner, and the process will repeat itself.

The backgrounds of the banners generally consist of company logos or graphics spaced out evenly across the canvas. For a wedding, you can swap out company logos for the name of the bride and groom, along with any personalized imagery or graphics that fit the occasion. Whatever graphics or text you choose to include will repeat in evenly spaced increments across the surface of the banner.

Typically, these banners are very easy to set up, with them coming in easy to transport options, such as retractable banner stands or pole mounts. Regardless of how you decide to mount the banners, you’ll find that step and repeat banners can be deployed in a matter of minutes and add character to an event space.

These types of banners are typically made out of vinyl, as the material is well suited for the indoors and outdoors. Along with vinyl’s durability, it also provides a high-quality look for a very affordable price. In addition to vinyl, the banners can also be made with foamcore, plywood, fabric, canvas or poster paper.

Why Use Them at a Wedding?

Step and repeat banners are a fun addition to a wedding
Step and repeat banners at weddings are a growing trend all across the country. These banners are a fun addition to any wedding and make for perfect visual accents to any event space, especially a reception venue. While wedding guests wait for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception’s cocktail hour, the guests can take pictures in front of a custom step and repeat backdrop to memorialize their time at the wedding.

As the banners will often be customized to match the wedding’s color palette, they won’t stand out or clash with the rest of the decoration. The best step and repeat banners will feature attractive color schemes that pop out on camera and reinforce the wedding’s overall look. Additionally, the graphics contained on the banner should be personalized to the bride and groom. Anytime someone looks at pictures taken in front of the banner, they’ll immediately know the pictures were also taken at the couple’s wedding.

With personalized graphics and a color palette that matches the rest of the wedding, step and repeat banners will add extra visual appeal to the wedding venue. As the banners are visually appealing, they’ll attract wedding guests to take pictures in front of them. People will love taking photos in front of the well-lit, attractive graphics, adding to their enjoyment of the wedding.

Wedding step and repeat banners ultimately improve the appearance of wedding venues and help people have an even more enjoyable time. After the event is over, guests can celebrate their time at the wedding by posting their banner pictures to their favorite social media app.

Other Step and Repeat Banner Tips

If you’re a wedding planner looking to include step and repeat banners at the weddings you organize or a couple wanting to add a fun element to your reception venue, you’ll need to know how to get the most out of the banners. Below you can find some of the best practices associated with step and repeat banners:

    • Hire a professional photographer: While people can get great pictures with their phones at these banners, a professional photographer can add a high-end feel to taking a photo in front of the backdrop. Professional photographers take high-quality pictures that people will be happy to hang up on their walls or place in free-standing frames in their homes.
    • Set up flattering lighting: Whether or not you hire a professional photographer for the step and repeat banners, you’ll need to light the banner properly to optimize the picture-taking experience. Poor lighting can ruin a photograph, making it go into the delete folder rather than up on social media.
    • Go large with backdrops: Whenever you purchase a step and repeat banner, you should make sure that it’s big enough. They’ll need to be taller than most people, and wide enough to accommodate a group of three or more. Ideally, a step and repeat banner will also take up the entire background of any picture.
    • Size graphics appropriately: In addition to making sure the background is big enough, the graphics should be sized appropriately as well. You want to strike a balance with the banner’s graphics between being large enough for people to clearly see them in pictures and not being so large that they distract from the picture. A good rule of thumb is to have the graphics range from 9 inches to 11 inches.
    • Only choose high-resolution graphics: The studio that produces your step and repeat banner and stand should be dedicated to high-quality imagery and materials. To ensure that your backdrops look stunning on camera, you should only have your backdrops printed in high-resolution. Otherwise, the graphics will look blurry and pixelated.

Choose SpeedPro for All Your Step and Repeat Banner Needs

Whether you’re a wedding planner looking for a company to rely on for your custom step and repeat banner needs or a member of a wedding looking for these banners on your own, you’ll want to talk to SpeedPro. With a nationwide network of studios, we know how to produce highly personalized and beautiful wedding step and repeat banners.

If you’re looking for step and repeat banners near you, you’ll be happy to know that SpeedPro likely has a studio close by. Find your local studio today, and speak with one of our friendly representatives to receive a free quote.
Choose SpeedPro for all of your step and repeat banner needs.

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