Why you should have a step and repeat banner at your next event

Why You Should Have a Step and Repeat Banner at Your Next Event

JANUARY 14, 2020| SpeedPro

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably seen plenty of step and repeat banners in your lifetime. Nearly every award show has them — think red carpet backdrop — along with trade shows and special events. Every time conference attendees line up in front of a large swath of fabric for a picture, they’re likely posing in front of a step and repeat banner.

These banners are wide and tall, providing a branded background for many situations. They create excellent marketing opportunities and are easy to use and transport. Custom step and repeat banners are powerful marketing tools for businesses of all types. Let’s talk about the styles of step and repeat banners and what they can do for your next event.

What Is a Step and Repeat Banner?

Custom step and repeat banners have a few different configurations, but all of them involve stretching a large layer of printed material out over a vast space. Usually, these banners are made of fabric, vinyl or polyester. They create a backdrop for photo opportunities, press interactions and more.

The name “step and repeat” comes from the idea that a person or group of people steps up in front of the backdrop, takes a photo and leaves. Then, someone else steps up, and the process repeats. This repeated use usually means that photos galore will have the banner in the background.

Below are some of the most popular styles of step and repeat signs.

  • Retractable: A retractable banner rolls up into its stand. When it’s time to display it, simply pull the banner out of the base and secure it to a pole. These banners are often used to complement trade show displays or combine with others. If this will be your primary step and repeat backdrop, you may want to consider one of the larger options. Widths can reach 5 feet across and heights go upward of 85 inches. Retractable banners work well indoors and out and offer easy portability.
  • Telescopic: In a telescopic step and repeat sign, the banner stretches out across a square-shaped frame. Two poles loop through the banner at the top and bottom and connect to the side poles. You can link up multiple telescopic banner stands for extra-large displays. Most of these banners are lightweight and will easily fit into a mid-range canvas bag.
  • Spring back: Lastly, the spring back is great if you’re looking for a low-cost option. In this design, the graphic is stretched over an X-shaped frame that props it up. Usually, the graphic has grommets in each corner to attach to the frame. Specialized carrying bags make this design portable, as well.

Where Would I Use Step and Repeat Signs?

You can use custom step and repeat backdrops at plenty of events, such as:

  • Trade shows: Event hosts can use step and repeat banners for the overall occasion, showing off sponsors and logos, and exhibitors can decorate their space with one geared toward their business. Trade show displays are an excellent way to establish your company’s presence and find targeted leads and new partnerships.
  • Conferences: People love to take photos of their professional engagements and accomplishments. Give them a classy backdrop to show off their attendance and get your logo in front of more people.
  • Media engagement: If your event will have interviews with the press, step and repeat banners make an excellent backdrop. Sports figures, celebrity appearances and industry leaders can all benefit from a professional, event-specific backdrop.
  • Weddings: Wedding receptions are filled with photo ops, and step and repeat signs create beautiful custom backgrounds. They add to the general aesthetic of the wedding with matching colors and personalized graphics.

Wherever they are, step and repeat banners can help you meet a variety of marketing goals while providing a fun space for attendees to take pictures and share their experience. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Benefits of step and repeat banners [list]

Benefits of Step and Repeat Banners

The benefits of a step and repeat banner are wide-reaching. Portability, brand awareness and image quality all see new opportunities.

1. Brand Awareness and Marketing

With a step and repeat banner, you put your logo in front of more people and create a situation where that logo is likely to get shared across social media channels. It serves as decor during your event and can help cover the space in your brand colors and imagery.

Perhaps more importantly, a step and repeat banner encourages photos that then get shared online. Both you and your sponsors find your logos in the backgrounds of tons of pictures on a variety of social media feeds. People like to show off their professional achievements, so any appearances at conferences, trade shows and the like are sure to end up online, getting you more advertising mileage than many other types of signage.

Remember not to downplay the importance of online brand awareness. According to a survey by Weber Shandwick, global executives said that over half of their brand’s reputation comes down to how social it is online. Increasing your online presence with shares and likes can help improve your company’s image.

2. Large Imagery

Large-format images are powerful, grabbing attention and spreading your company’s image far and wide. A step and repeat with vibrant colors and high-quality images helps in this endeavor. It adds a powerful piece of advertising material to your arsenal that you can use in a variety of settings.

3. Ease of Use and Durability

Step and repeat banners are lightweight and easy to set up, so you can take them around to multiple events, store them without taking up much space and prop them up quickly. If your company goes to a lot of events, this easy assembly can be a lifesaver. Most designs can fold right into an easy carrying bag, too.

In addition to ease of use, step and repeat banners can be durable, too. They can last for years if you buy from a trusted source like SpeedPro — think about all the events where you could use a banner during that time.

4. Sponsorship Tie-Ins

Whether you already have sponsors or want to make the prospect more appealing to potential partners, a step and repeat banner creates a place for their logos to sit side-by-side with yours. They get in on the photo ops, and you get more financial support for the event.

5. Quality Photos

If you pair your step and repeat banner with a professional photographer and good lighting, you create higher-quality photos of the event. It could boost your professionalism and increase the likelihood of people sharing or posting their photos, especially on corporate pages such as business partners attending a conference. Professional-quality photos also make your event feel nicer.

Contact SpeedPro to create a step and repeat banner.

Step and Repeat Banners From SpeedPro

Of course, to get that attention-grabbing, durable and effective signage, you need to work with the best. That’s where SpeedPro comes in. For over 20 years, we’ve been creating banners with all the vibrancy and quality that businesses need to attract potential customers and partners. Our step and repeat banners are designed to support your marketing goals with stunning colors, long-lasting materials and convenient configurations.

If you’re not sure what you need, we can help you select and design the perfect custom step and repeat banner for your company’s needs. To find out more, contact a SpeedPro studio near you.

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