Poster Paper

Poster Paper

Poster paper makes it possible to create custom poster prints that you can use for a variety of purposes. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to get your message across to the public, consider custom poster prints from SpeedPro. SpeedPro can help you create posters on quality paper with vivid inks that will catch the eyes of passersby and help you accomplish your goals.

What Is Poster Paper?

Poster paper is a heavy-weight paper designed for printing posters. It’s similar to photo paper, which you may have used at home or in your office before. However, posters tend to be much larger than the small prints you’ve likely created on your own.

Posters are large, flat displays that can be used in a variety of ways. Perhaps you grew up with posters of favorite bands or movies on the walls of your bedroom. In addition to functioning as tributes to the things we love, posters are also a great advertising medium. They can be used to promote events, advertise sales and more.

The default option for poster paper is that it’s flexible and will come to you rolled up. When you’re ready to display your poster, you’ll simply unroll it and pin it up in your desired location. Photo paper isn’t limited to being pinned up on an indoor bulletin board or taped to the wall. As we’ll see, you can modify it by laminating it or mounting it on a rigid backing panel, which makes it possible to display your poster in other ways.

Poster Paper: Heavy-Weight Paper Designed for Printing Posters

What Poster Paper Options Does SpeedPro Offer?

SpeedPro staff can help you select the right material for every project and even help you choose the best poster paper to fit your qualifications, including your budget and intended application. Here are the main options that will allow you to customize your posters:

  • Paperweight: Choosing the paper itself comes down mainly to the paper’s weight. A lighter paper weight will tend to cost less, while a heavier paper weight will have a higher quality feel and cost a bit more.
  • Finish: You can also choose a finish you like for your posters. Options include matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss and luster. When you’re choosing a finish, consider the lighting where you plan to display your poster. Choose an option that will pop without creating glare.
  • Size: Posters come in a wide range of sizes, including standard sizes you may be used to seeing in stores as well as much larger posters. As large-format graphics experts, SpeedPro studios can easily produce large poster prints.
  • Mounting: You can either leave your poster paper as-is or mount it to a rigid substrate with an adhesive. In most cases, if you want to mount your poster, you’re better off to use an adhesive vinyl rather than poster paper.
  • Lamination: You can also opt to have your poster laminated if you wish. Lamination makes a poster more durable, so it’s a good option to consider for outdoor applications. Of course, lamination adds to cost.

What Are the Benefits of Poster Paper?

So why should you think about ordering custom posters? Especially if you’re considering posters as a marketing medium, there are several important advantages to keep in mind. Poster paper is:

  1. Lightweight: This quality makes the paper inexpensive to ship and easy to transport to a location. You can just roll it up and easily carry it in your hand. If you store your poster in a hard protective case, the case will add weight, but it will also protect your graphics.
  2. Affordable: Another advantage poster paper offers is that it’s relatively inexpensive compared to many other display types, which is especially helpful if you need to produce a large quantity of displays or want displays for temporary use that won’t cost much.
  3. Easy to display: Posters offer a lot of flexibility in terms of how you can display them. This versatility is a huge advantage if you want to be able to hang your displays in a variety of locations. From bulletin boards to windows to walls and more, posters can easily be installed with no tools required.
  4. Customizable: Poster paper also offers plenty of opportunities for customization. It’s a versatile material that comes in a variety of weights, finishes and sizes. You can further customize your poster by choosing whether to laminate, frame or mount it.
  5. High-impact: Since posters are large-format displays, they’ll give you the opportunity to have a major impact with your custom graphics. Some companies choose to print a large quantity of smaller posters, which can also have an impact through repetition.

What are the Benefits of Poster Paper?

Are There Any Drawbacks to Poster Paper?

As with any material, poster paper shines in certain scenarios and may not be the best choice for other situations. The main downside to consider with poster paper is that it’s not meant to last as long as other display types, such as vinyl and fabric banners.

Poster paper is an excellent option for temporary installations, but it’s a poor choice when you want something more permanent. Even though it’s much more durable than regular paper, it’s still subject to some damage. If you want your poster to last, consider laminating it, especially if you want it to hold up to the elements outdoors.

How Can You Display Posters?

One of the benefits of posters is that they’re highly versatile when it comes to displaying them. There are many different ways you can install your poster, so no matter what type of surface you have to work with, you can find an effective and stylish way to show off your wall graphics. Consider the following eight different possibilities for displaying your poster:

  1. Pin: One simple way to display a poster is to pin it to a wall or cork board with thumbtacks. You can choose clear, colored or metal options. A pushpin at each corner of a poster will help to hold it flat and should hold it securely, even in a windy outdoor location. In some cases, bulletin boards are covered in a layer of glass, which will help protect your poster.
  2. Tape: Tape is another easy way to display a poster. Of course, you could just place strips of paint across the corners of your poster, but it tends to look a little sloppy. This method can work for a window display. Just face your poster outward and secure it from the inside. In most cases, you’re better off to use double-sided poster tape on the back of your poster.
  3. Clips: You may also be able to display your poster with clips. A common binder clip can work, though you can also purchase stylish clips designed for displaying posters. You can use just one clip in the middle of the top of your poster to hang it as long as you’ve first taken the time to flatten it out if it came rolled.
  4. Putty: Also called sticky tack, putty is another simple way to hang a poster. Work the putty in your hands until it becomes softer. Then, break off pieces of it and place them periodically along the perimeter of the poster’s back. The advantage of putty is that it will leave your poster intact, but keep in mind that it may leave greasy stains in some cases.
  5. Slide binders: A stylish option to consider that’s less common is to use slide binders, which are made to slide over the top and bottom of a poster. These border edge pieces come in different colors and finishes. You can hang the poster from the top and count on the bottom slide binder to weigh the poster down. Keep in mind that you can only find these slide binders in certain standard sizes.
  6. Magnets: If you have a metallic surface where you can hang your poster, you may want to use magnets to secure your the piece at each corner. Be sure to use magnets that have enough strength to keep your poster secure, even if someone bumps into it. An advantage of magnets is that they’ll allow you to keep your poster intact in case you ever want to take it down and reuse it.
  7. Frame: You can elevate the look of a poster by placing it in a frame and hanging it by the frame. A frame allows you to add even more customization to your poster. Go with a simple, black piece or choose a more ornate option. For a modern look, try a clear frame that will protect your poster in a simplistic way. You can also go for a clear acrylic backlit poster frame.
  8. Easel: If you choose to have your poster mounted on a rigid substrate, you can display it on an easel. This option is a great one if you want to use your posters sparingly and have a big impact rather than installing them in many different locations. A mounted poster on an easel is an elegant choice for museums, art galleries, libraries and more.

What Can You Use Posters For?

Posters are an excellent medium for a variety of purposes. Here’s just a handful of ideas for how various individuals, organizations and businesses can use posters to get their message across:

  • Present research: In academic circles, posters are the perfect means for displaying research in a way that’s visual and easily digestible since it summarizes the highlights of someone’s research project. It isn’t just students and researchers who can use posters to help share important information with others. Businesses can also use posters at trade shows to show evidence that supports their products or services.
  • Advertise a sale: Sales are a tried-and-true method for encouraging new customers and existing customers alike to step into your business and make a purchase. Especially if you want to capture new business, you need a way to get the word out. Posters can be a great way of advertising a sale. Place them on your storefront and in other local places where you have permission.
  • Promote an event: Concert venues can use posters to promote upcoming concerts. Universities can use them to let people know about an upcoming talk from a visiting speaker. Businesses sometimes use events to engage with their community and promote their business. If you plan to host live music, games or any other festivities, use posters to get the word out.
  • Raise political awareness: Political campaigns can use posters to raise awareness about specific issues or simply promote a candidate. Political posters should be eye-catching and keep text simple in order to capture attention without overwhelming people with too much information. You can also use posters to promote upcoming political rallies or other events for civically engaged citizens.
  • Recruit employees: You’ve probably seen “Help Wanted” signs in a business’s window before. You can improve on a simple sign by featuring a poster that can encourage the right types of candidates to submit an application or come in for an interview. That way, you can recruit the best talent. List some reasons a person may want to work for your company, and include a photo or two of team members to humanize your company.
  • Show off a new product: Posters can also help you promote a new product, which can be especially useful for restaurants featuring a seasonal dish that’s not on their menu or a coffee or ice cream shop serving up a new treat. You could always use a chalkboard to list the new item, but a poster will allow you to entice customers with a picture.
  • Advertise at partner locations: Some companies have beneficial relationships with other businesses. For example, if you bake wedding cakes, you may recommend a certain florist in town to your customers, and the florist may do the same for you. If you have this type of partnership with a business, give them a poster or two to display at their location to advertise your business.

What Can You Use Posters For?

However you choose to use your poster, make sure you employ eye-catching graphics and include enough information that a person can actively respond to the poster. This strategy could mean that you include a web address or QR code so that someone can learn more. It could be contact information for your business so that they can call or send an email. Or, if your poster is hung in your place of business, the call to action may be something they can purchase right then.

In some cases, your call to action may even be to ask an employee about a new product, service or promotion to learn more. The point is that the onlooker should be inspired to a specific action when they see the poster.

Custom Posters From SpeedPro

If you want to create posters that are visually engaging and help you effectively share your message, you’ll want to partner with the nation’s leading print and graphics franchise, SpeedPro. We can help you with all your bulk poster printing or custom-size poster printing needs. SpeedPro studios have the expert staff and cutting-edge equipment needed to create posters that will help you stay a cut above the competition. Find a studio in your area to learn more or get started.

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