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MAY 7, 2018| SpeedPro

Digital signage catches and holds the attention of consumers at businesses, passersby on the street, and visitors to business offices, medical facilities and hotels. It’s no wonder that restaurants and retailers are boosting their bottom lines with digital signage.

Here are some ways digital signage is helping organizations better serve their customers:

Adding Convenience at Restaurants

Brightly lit, colorful and detailed digital menu boards improve the customer experience at restaurants. They’re easier to read, so customers can quickly spot menu items, prices and even calorie counts in carry-out restaurants. With convenience a top priority for consumers on the go, digital menu boards help customers order and get out the door quickly.

For full-service restaurants, a digital menu outside the restaurant helps bring the curious diner inside.

Digital menu boards also improve the restaurant staff experience. Digital menus can be programmed to automatically change to reflect time of day, season, specials and limited time offers. This frees up staff members’ time to concentrate on customer service. Restaurant staff can also easily change images and designs on digital menu boards.

Raising Comfort Levels in Lobbies and Reception Areas

Like a digital menu board, digital signage in the lobby of an office building or the reception area of a medical office or hotel improve visitors’ experience.

A bright, easy-to-read digital sign helps clients, job-seekers, new employees and delivery people find the right office in a corporate building. The lobby makes an impression on everyone who visits, and a digital directory sign creates a polished look.

The right digital signage also engages patients at medical facilities and visitors at hotels.

In addition to displaying comforting images in the reception area of a hospital or doctor’s office, digital signage can share health tips, programs and medical news. Waiting can be the hardest part of a hospital visit – studies on the effectiveness of digital signage show digital displays make wait times feel shorter than they actually are.

Hotels can boost visitors’ excitement by displaying promotions for upcoming local events or activities. A digital sign can also show off hotel amenities in a much more eye-catching way than a poster. Similar to the digital directory in an office building, a digital sign provides easy-to-follow directions to rooms, banquet halls, pools, fitness facilities, restaurants, bars and events.

Highlighting Promotions

Any type of organization can utilize digital signage to announce a promotion, whether it’s a product, service or event. The brightness, easy-to-read content and dynamic imagery boost engagement. Convenience stores and truck stops, in particular, are leveraging digital signage to capture additional revenue.

No matter the size, digital signage effectively grabs attention and engages customers. The power to provide convenience, comfort and advertising makes digital signage an invaluable tool for any organization.

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