Creative Options for Convention Signage

Creative and Effective Options for Convention Signage

AUGUST 27, 2018| SpeedPro

Conventions have increasingly become big business for both the organizations putting them on and those attending them. Direct spending on meetings, conferences, conventions and trade shows grows every year, as have attendee rosters. With so many trade shows, businesses have even better opportunities to get in front of their target consumers or buyers.

In fact, research from BrightTalk found that 32% of B2B companies indicated events, trade shows and conferences were a very effective tactic for lead generation — outranking company websites, SEO, email marketing and other strategies. However, the biggest obstacle businesses must overcome is lack of resources, including staff, budget and time.

Convention signage is one of the top three tactics that businesses use to generate leads. So, with a limited budget and a primary focus on generating new leads, you’ll probably want to know how you can get creative with your convention graphics and direct people to your booth. No matter what your budget is, you can use these strategies and convention display tips to get the most out of your budget and make more connections with leads.

Get People’s Attention

Think about the entire convention space and be strategic about where you can include signage that will showcase your brand even before attendees enter the exhibition hall. Most events give exhibitors the opportunity to invest in additional signage space throughout the venue, including outside the building, the entrance hall and other areas that see high traffic volumes.

Get your business out in front of convention-goers by investing in Formulate® fabric towers in the registration hall. These 8- to 12-foot structures provide greater exposure and make your brand one of the first things attendees see as they enter the convention. You have the option of a cylindrical or four-sided tower, with either option allowing you to provide additional messaging about your brand, indicate which booth you’ll be at and provide incentives for attendees to stop by.

Since these structures will be the first exposure to your business for many attendees, be sure to include high-quality graphics and powerful messaging that align with your exhibit hall booth in terms of branding and key messages.

Be Efficient with Your Booth Space Tips [list]

Be Efficient With Your Booth Space

In many cases, your business will be limited to a tabletop exhibit space that’s no larger than 8 feet wide. A small footprint shouldn’t restrict how creative your business can get to attract convention attendees and drive them to your booth.

If you’re looking to keep a consistent look and feel between Formulate fabric towers placed in other areas of the venue, consider other fabric architectural structures that will capture attendees’ attention once they’re in the convention space. There are a variety of options, including:

  • Fabric hanging structures: Circular, rectangular or triangular structures serve as a focal point above your exhibitor space. They can be customized to feature your company’s specific branding elements and amplify your key messages above the fray of the exhibition hall floor. You might also add hanging banners outside the venue or above your booth. Incorporate flashy graphics and irresistible messages in your convention banner designs to get the most out of them.
  • Fabric iPad stands: Modern, freestanding iPad stands give you the opportunity to engage with attendees, encouraging them to interact with featured products or services your business is looking to emphasize. They also present an efficient way to create cross-channel marketing opportunities with social media and email.
  • Fabric kiosks: Add digital signage to your convention exhibit that creates a multimedia experience for passersby. These durable, eye-catching kiosks come with an integrated monitor mount so you can display promotional videos and other types of content.
  • Fabric counters: Complement your booth space with a range of counters that come in a diverse array of shapes. There are options to include charging stations, giving attendees an extra incentive to stop by.

These fabric options for convention signage give businesses the chance to maintain a consistent, integrated branding experience with each element of their exhibit – while also standing out from the crowd of standard tabletop expo booths.

Highlight Items You Can Give Away

To differentiate yourself from the competition with creative advertising, you should bring signage that highlights any giveaways you’re offering to trade show attendees. People love free swag, so highlighting it with graphics is a go-to play for those trying to increase attendee interaction. The following pieces of exhibit signage are among the best ways to get your giveaways into attendees’ hands:

  • Point of purchase displays: Need to direct the attention of attendees to a giveaway without your staff present? Point of purchase (POP) displays are one of the boldest signs out there. Essentially, POP displays are specially designed to give extra information on a product and point viewers to it. At a trade show, even though you might not be selling anything, you can place POP displays beside your giveaways. Sectional fabric wall panels are some of the most favorite types used in trade shows.
  • Table coverings and table toppers: For booths where you’re giving away smaller items like branded pens, water bottles and brochures, table coverings are essential. They blanket your table, making it more attractive, with graphics and colors that match your branded items that sit on top of it. When you have a table topper, people will be more likely to notice your booth and the free items on top of the table.

Make Your Space More Visually Appealing

Even with products to give away, large towers to direct people to your booth and an efficient use booth space, you want to make sure that when people see your booth, their first impression is a good one. With all of the other booths competing for attention, a booth that makes a lukewarm impression can be reason enough for attendees to walk by without engaging. To make your booth look as visually appealing as possible, consider using the following products:

  • Sign stands: Sign stands are perfect for the entrance of your trade show booth, as they allow you to put a piece of advertising right in front of an attendee. The Snapper Sign Stand, for example, resembles a lectern, gives attendees information about your company and looks professional. A backlit tower is another great option for the entrance to your booth. The lighting, combined with your captivating graphics, puts you in an excellent position to make a good impression.
  • Backwalls: If you really want to improve your booth’s appearance, give it the feel of a mini-office space or conference room by using backwalls. Hybrid Pro™ Modular exhibits are reconfigurable backwalls that you can place high-quality graphics onto, livening up your space and making it as attractive as possible. Since these walls are modular, you can even set up some rooms within your booth to meet with leads privately if you want to get really creative.

Choose SpeedPro for Your Creative Signage Needs.

Choose SpeedPro for Your Creative Signage Needs

As the only nationwide network of studios devoted to large-format graphics, SpeedPro can print a wide selection of graphics, no matter how complex. With our team in your corner, you can be confident that you’re receiving top-quality service and have someone you can trust to turn your ideas into impressive convention signage.

Learn more about the extensive range of convention signage and exhibit graphics that SpeedPro provides by contacting your local studio.

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