16 New Creative Digital Signage

16 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage

MAY 17, 2019| SpeedPro



You can use a sign for just about anything. Whether you want to promote a special event or guide people through your company, you can find a sign specifically designed for that purpose.

But like the rest of the world, signage has entered the digital age. Every day, more screen-based signs appear in the marketplace, ranging from digital billboards to automated menus. Digital signs are exciting and innovative, and more and more businesses are adding high-tech signage to their advertising.

However, staring at a new, empty digital sign can be daunting — blank slates are often intimidating. If you’re looking for ways to stand out and be different with digital signs, we’ve gathered some of the best examples of screen-based signage to give you a boost of inspiration.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signs are more than just the latest fad in advertising — they are practical and efficient signage options, offering a wide range of benefits for your company. Here are a few of the many benefits of high-tech advertising:

  • Flexible: Digital signage can work in any setting. Whether you are advertising a sale or promoting a new service, you can upload a design that fits the immediate needs of your company.
  • Adaptable: Unlike physical signs, digital signage is inherently adaptable. If you need to alert customers to a change in your policies or hours, you can quickly and easily update your digital signs to reflect the change.
  • Reusable: Because digital signs are flexible and adaptable, you can use them much longer than physical signs. With physical signs, any change in your company’s branding or policies meant purchasing a new group of signs — with digital signage, all you have to do is upload new designs.
  • Attractive: Screens draw the eye. Research has shown that digital signage has a higher recall rate than any other type of traditional media — according to one study, 83 percent of people could recall something they saw on a digital billboard in the past 30 days. The attractiveness of screens ensures that your signs are noticed and remembered long after a customer has left your store or office.

Digital signs bring many benefits to the table, easily outperforming traditional media in many areas like flexibility and adaptability. However, the trick to digital signs is using them well — glance through our list of ideas to make sure you’re getting the most out of your signage.

How to Use Digital Signage

How To Use Digital Signage

The best signage is creative, eye-grabbing and useful. Below, we’ve gathered 16 fun ways to use digital signage for your company.

1. Create Urgency

Many signs are used to create urgency. Using language such as “last chance” and “limited-time offer” around sales and promotions are tried-and-true ways to grab a customer’s attention.

Use your digital signage to advertise seasonal sales, discounts or limited promotions. Try placing your signs near the entrances of your store to grab a consumer’s eye the moment they walk into your business. When a customer sees a promotion when they enter a store, it will be on their minds while they shop.

You could also place some digital signs near checkout stations — this will help you influence customers at the point of sale.

2. Promote Special Items and Events

We are drawn to screens. Take advantage of the natural attention-grabbing effect of your digital signs — use your high-tech signage to advertise special items and events.

Many companies offer seasonal products or services. Whether you’re advertising vintage sports memorabilia for an anniversary game or promoting a holiday latte, digital signs can ensure that customers notice your limited-time products.

Another way to use screen-based signs is to alert guests to an upcoming event, such as a store-wide sale or the phasing out of an old product. Paper flyers and posters are easily ignored — if you are having a special or seasonal company event, let your consumers know through eye-grabbing digital displays.

3. Entertain Your Guests

When we are in situations where we have to wait, most of us automatically reach for our phones. Looking at a screen to pass the time is an ingrained response. Take advantage of this with your digital signage — use your high-tech displays to occupy your guests during long waits.

Cycle through a slideshow of different interesting images, ranging from upcoming promotions to current events. You could even use some of your signs to broadcast the news or a family-friendly television channel. Moving images give your guests something to look at while they wait, and this helps keep customers happy during stressful or high-traffic seasons.

4. Alert Consumers to Company Changes

Signs are some of the best ways to alert consumers to company changes. However, even the best displays can be overlooked — instead, try using harder-to-ignore digital signage.

For example, if your company will be closed for a few days for renovations, let your guests know through an attention-grabbing screen. Alternatively, you might be opening another location across town — spread the news through your digital signs.

Another way to use digital signs is to display special hours. For example, if your business is closed over Thanksgiving weekend or will be staying open later on Sundays, you can alert your guests through a bright digital display.

5. Direct Guests Through Your Company

It’s easy for guests to get lost trying to find a certain room or product. To help your guests efficiently navigate your space, try using your digital signage for wayfinding.

A well-placed screen at an intersection, entrance, transition point or elevator can help your guests find their way around your business. You can choose a static display or an interactive one that lets customers tap or swipe for more detailed information.

6. Answer FAQS

Answer the most frequently posed questions before a customer even asks.

Include the answers to commonly asked questions in your digital signage. Your screen-based sign could let guests know what information to have ready at reception or new ways to set up a payment plan. If you work in the food business, you can provide dietary information for your guests as they wait in line, such as which products contain dairy and which are soy-free.

A digital sign allows you to begin a conversation with your customers. Show them that you’re thinking of their needs by giving them information before they have to ask.

7. Display the Date, Time and Weather

Display The Date, Time And Weather

Not everything on a digital sign needs to be brand-focused. Include a slide with the date and time in your rotation, and feature the latest news about the weather. You could even promote upcoming community events or celebrations.

Having a time, date and weather display with local events shows that you’re invested in your community. It humanizes your business, and lets the customer know that you are interested in more than just making a sale — you want to provide relevant information whenever possible.

A weather feature could also allow you to promote relevant products or services to your guests. For example, if it’s started to pour rain, your sign could update your customers about the current conditions before rotating to information on your umbrellas or wet-weather gear.

8. Inform Consumers

The current marketing landscape is all about quality content. Consumers want to be informed, and they want to know about more than just your product. Use your digital signage to provide something valuable for your customers, even if it doesn’t directly connect to one of your services or products.

Providing valuable information establishes you as an expert in your field. For example, an auto repairs shop could display helpful tips on car upkeep, or it could provide an interactive guide to troubleshooting common automobile problems. Although this doesn’t communicate anything specific about your company, it shows customers that you care about more than revenue. Ultimately, this can lead to huge payoffs — useful content increases consumer trust in your brand, making them more likely to go to you with future needs.

9. Build Relationships With Your Guests

Use your digital signage to build relationships with your customers.

Give your brand personality by introducing your staff to your customers. Display brief bios about your team, with information such as where they’re from, what hobbies they love and what pets they have. This makes your employees more than just the people behind the desk — through staff bios, you invite your guests to identify with your team.

You can also use screen-based signs to reveal the history of your company or a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your business — these types of features show the human side of your brand, and they help customers relate to your company.

10. Promote Blogs, Social Media or Newsletters

Today’s consumer is more connected than ever before. To relate to their audience, many businesses reach out through social media pages or company blogs.

If you have a Twitter account or a Facebook page, promote your social media presence through your digital signage. Using digital signage shows customers that you’re tech-savvy and up with the current trends — further this image by advertising your social media pages or blogs.

You can also use digital signs to draw attention to a company newsletter. Showcase the benefits of joining a mailing list, such as special deals and early notice on storewide sales. Give your customers a reason to follow you or sign up for a newsletter — they’re more likely to connect with you if you show them what they get in return.

11. Display Reviews

Customer endorsement is one of the most powerful forms of advertisement. Nearly 95 percent of buyers read reviews before making a purchase, and few things influence a consumer’s purchasing as much as reviews from previous customers. A good review means that your business can be trusted and that your products or services are positively impacting people’s lives.

Rotate through displays featuring different customer reviews. Look for reviews that are both positive and honest — while glowing praise is nice, if it doesn’t actually tell the reader anything about the product, it can come across as fake or insincere. Include reviews with customer photographs of your products — a picture of a smiling customer with your product helps assure buyers that they can trust your brand.

12. Showcase Awards, Certifications and Honors

It’s appropriate to brag on your company every once and a while.

If your business has recently won a local, regional or national award or honor, display them through your digital signage. While customers might not notice a new certificate on the wall, it’s much harder to miss a digital display.

Showcase any award that illustrates your company’s values. For example, if you are committed to consumer relations, proudly display an honor given for your excellent customer service. This shows customers that your values are more than ideals — they are defining characteristics of your company.

13. Raise Awareness for a Cause

The average consumer is guided by causes. More and more shoppers look for brands that give back, and cause-related marketing has swept across the advertising world as a result.

If your company is involved in any type of nonprofit or charitable work, promote it through your digital signage. Also include any steps you’ve taken to make your products more socially or environmentally responsible, such as reducing waste in your processing plants.

Don’t stop with simply promoting your efforts — invite your guests to participate with you. Direct consumers to your company’s page or social media pages for more information on how they can join with you in making a difference.

14. Rotate Your Menu

The flexibility of digital signage allows you to quickly announce any changes to a menu

For restaurants, digital signage provides a unique opportunity to show off your menu. Display your menu and include pictures of your food in your sign’s rotation. This allows you to showcase specialty items like a seasonal drink or dish.

Digital signage allows restaurants, bars and cafes to seamlessly switch menus throughout the day. Begin with your breakfast foods, and move to your lunch plates with the click of a button.

The flexibility of digital signage allows you to quickly announce any changes to the menu. For example, if you are out of a certain dish, you can alert your waiting guests through your digital sign.

15. Communicate With Your Staff

Not every screen needs to face customers. Place some digital signs behind the counter or in a break room to quickly communicate with your employees.

Whether it’s a reminder about an upcoming company event, an update to store policy or recognition for high-quality work, digital signage keeps your team in-the-know about company news. Digital signs facilitate fast and effective communication, both with your customers and with your staff.

16. Establish a New Source of Revenue

Digital signs are effective. They can be so effective that other businesses may want to get in on the exposure.

If your company is located at a well-trafficked location, other companies may offer to pay to run ads on your digital signage. Besides creating an additional source of revenue for your businesses, this is a great way to build relationships with other local companies.

Work With a Studio You Can Trust

Don’t underestimate digital signage — versatile and adaptable, screen-based signs are the perfect choice for any company.

With a nationwide network of professional imaging studios, SpeedPro can help you with your digital signage project. Our team takes the time to understand you and your vision — we work with you to ensure that your signage stands out, just like your products and services.

Browse our idea gallery for more examples of creative digital signage, or find a local studio and upgrade your advertising today.

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