How does digital signage work?

How Does Digital Signage Work?

APRIL 13, 2021| SpeedPro



Signage of all types provides a fantastic way to attract attention, advertise your business and get information to potential clients. In this digital age, more and more companies are turning to digital signage to engage with clients on the popular platform of electronic media.

So, what is digital signage exactly, and why are digital signs for business so beneficial? In this guide, you’ll find the answers to these questions, plus a variety of ways to use digital signs to boost your business’s visibility and increase your client base and profits.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is signage that works electronically. It typically makes use of LED lights, LCD screens or plasma displays to target consumers with changing messages, both textual and graphic. It also has a computer component, or player, that decodes content for the signage and displays it visually on the screen. Plus, this signage engages with consumers in a more interactive way than traditional print signage does.

Digital signage may feature flashing product information, scrolling sale messages, bright moving images or an array of light and color advertisements to attract the interest of potential clients amid the sea of digital information they encounter every day. Or, it may feature digital videos or interactive touch screens to provide an interactive, immersive experience.

Consider digital signage as a more technologically advanced version of neon signage — which still remains in use today. Whereas neon signage confines itself to the shapes and letters created with colored tubes, digital signage is endlessly customizable for the modern, digitally engaged consumer.

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Different Ways to Use Digital Signage

Your business can use digital graphics for a variety of different functions:

  • Digital menu boards: Use a digital sign to create an engaging, easy-to-view menu for your restaurant or bar. A digital menu containing mouthwatering food imagery gives your patrons a way to peruse your offerings in a more sensory and immersive way. If you have different breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, digital signage allows you to switch between different displays in a matter of seconds.
  • Window displays: Using window displays to advertise provides helpful information about your business’s hours, products, deals, discounts and other vital information. If you run an apartment-leasing office, for instance, you could use your window display for advertising your open one or two-bedroom apartments or featuring your luxury condos with pools. No matter what messaging you choose for the digital sign in your window, it can get potential clients enthusiastic about learning more.
  • Point-of-purchase displays: Point of purchase displays can be located anywhere throughout your business — place them where they are most likely to entice clients to buy. If you have a retail store, you could place digital point-of-purchase displays near promotional items like late-winter sweaters to highlight their features, benefits and enticing sale price.
  • Counter displays: If your business contains a sales counter, this is a great place for digital signage as well. One study found point-of-sale digital marketing increased sales by up to 33 percent for the majority of products studied. You can use point-of-sale digital signage to promote add-on items that people can choose from when they check out, such as chocolates, magazines and lip gloss. Or you can use it to encourage loyal clients to sign up for a rewards program to reap even more amazing benefits from their purchases.
  • Touch screen information stations: At trade shows, you could place a digital touch screen in the center of your booth to give attendees a fun, interactive way to learn more about your business. Inside your business itself, you could provide touch screen stations where clients could check for items in different sizes in other stores or learn about upcoming arrivals of new products. You can also use digital screens to display five-star reviews of your business or showcase the certifications and awards you’ve received. By doing so, you inform your clients of your company values and commitment to quality customer service.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Benefits of Digital Signage [list]

Digital signage offers a tremendous number of advantages to all kinds of businesses, like:

  • Boosted visibility: Unlike traditional, static printed signs, digital signage is in constant motion – flashing, scrolling, rearranging and responding to touch. It helps increase the visibility of your business and its products or services.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Digital signage is inherently pleasant to look at. Its bold colors, alluring light patterns and professional screen layout provide an attractive, enjoyable view for clients.
  • Up-to-date information: it’s easy to keep your digital signage up to date. Clients will always have the reliable information they need. And now with the Samsung Business TV App, you are able to easily update advertisements, all on your smartphone!
  • Personalized messaging: With digital graphics, it’s easy to target your desired audience by crafting a unique, specific digital message. You can design text communications or graphics to promote a limited-time sale or encourage particular members of the community, like teachers and veterans, to stop by and receive discounts on certain days.
  • Easy edits and updates: One of the great benefits of digital signage is that it’s so easy to change. But with digital signage, you can quickly reprogram your message to make it more accurate. It’s simple to update your digital ad to reflect new hours, prices and offerings or just to offer a fun greeting or message to passersby and clients.
  • Demonstrating currency and relevance: The look of a business makes a strong first impression on consumers. A company whose signage contains outdated fonts or designs may seem out of touch. But a business that has invested in the latest digital signage technology will appear fresh, current, relevant and trustworthy.

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