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JUNE 28, 2017| SpeedPro

We’re looking ahead to the fireworks, glitz, and glamour that comes with the Independence Day holiday. It also allows us to look back at what makes America so great. Our country is built on everlasting values of freedom, equality, democracy, family, and religion. What also stands tall and makes America so great, is our commitment to the community. We’re there for our neighbors in time of celebration and time of need. SpeedProthe nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, shares the same commitment to the community.

SpeedPro is a nationwide network of more than 120 large format graphic printing studios owned and operated by members of your community. The men and women who assist you with your graphic needs are the same you’ll rub elbows with at the food truck event, at your place of worship, and in the stands at your child’s tee-ball game. SpeedPro’s commitment to the community is unwavering because our franchise family is comprised of dozens of local owners who love their neighborhood.

Commitment to the community is personal for our SpeedPro studio owners. Their devotion is defined multiple ways, mainly because of different passions, struggles, and circumstances:

Bruce and Dru Benson are the charismatic owners of the Des Moines, Iowa, SpeedPro studio. Dru is a breast cancer survivor who was first diagnosed in late 2008. Both are now are extremely active in breast cancer based engagements in the Des Moines area. Dru participates in activities designed to help and boost the morale of cancer patients and survivors. She is particularly fond of Susan G. Komen and Race for the Cure. Bruce says, “if any organization wants banners or point of purchase displays, and your cause is to fight cancer, consider it a donation.”

Edward Owens, Ed as he likes to be called, has a passion for philanthropy, particularly if art is involved. His SpeedPro studio in Alameda, Calif., consistently supports the “2nd Friday Art Walk” as a local host.  He helps give kids a rare opportunity to put their talents on display in front of their parents and the public during the events.

Ed is also a big environmentalist and does his best to avoid using the landfill. Normally misprints, foam cores, end of rolls and other non-usable items wind up in the trash. In Ed’s case, he donates the products to Alameda Arts Program, an after-school program that teaches children in the community how to make art. Those children are literally transforming trash into treasure. “The ‘2nd Friday Art Walk’ is a great community building event,” says Owens. “It gets people in the community out to support art, education, and kids. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate ‘reduce, reuse, recycle.’”

Those are just two of the wonderful examples our SpeedPro studio owners are committed to their community. We have several instances of studio owners giving their time and services by offering these products to events and programs close to their hearts:

  • Banners: Simple but effective with big, vibrant graphics, the donation of banners help event organizers draw attention to their programs.
  • Flags: Many of our SpeedPro studio owners take part in 5k races that raise money for charities. These flags help put a special spotlight on the events.
  • Event Tents: Some of our owners are also supporters of the boys and girl scouts and will use these tents to provide relief from the sun as they help distribute those sweet treats.

SpeedPro is a national company, but we operate in the same places you call home. We’re proud members of our community. If you’re in need of graphic solutions, don’t hesitate to connect with us at

And if you’d like to learn more about how you can give back to your own community as a thriving SpeedPro franchise owner, please visit

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