Tips to Keep Your Banner from Blowing Away

Tips to Keep Your Banner From Blowing Away

APRIL 8, 2020| SpeedPro



Outside vinyl banners can provide an exceptional amount of brand exposure and decoration to an office building or event space. They usually hang off the side of a building or stand-alone outside of doorways or along walkways. To make sure your custom banners provide positive brand exposure and spread your message, you’ll need to ensure that they don’t blow away due to wind.

Below, you can find some of the top tips for protecting your banners from wind:

1. Have a Strong Base

If you feature any standing banners outdoors, you need to make sure these banners have a stable base to stand on. There are several types of banner stands that come with a variety of bases that you can use to accomplish this purpose. The main aspect of a strong base is that it’s heavy and wide enough to keep a banner pole standing straight up in the air even when it’s windy.

Some of the best bases for standing business vinyl banners include:

  • Zoom Flex Flag Stackable Bases: Zoom Flex Flag Stackable Bases are some of the most popular bases on the market today. These bases can be filled with sand or liquid for extra weight and stability. For cold months, where the temperature drops below freezing, water shouldn’t be used, so the capacity for sand is extra helpful. Since the base is stackable, you can also add extra height and weight to your banners.
  • Zoom Flex Flag Fillable Base: Like the base mentioned above, the Zoom Flex Flag Fillable Base provides users with a base that can be weighed down with sand or seven gallons of liquid. One of the extra benefits this base gives is that it’s shaped like a tire so that it can be turned on its side and rolled to a new location. If you’re consistently changing where you place your banners, this is a must-have base.
  • Zoom Flex Flag Drive-Over Base: For those people setting up banners at a tailgate or other relevant location, a Zoom Flex Flag Drive-Over Base. Metal arms keep the base under a vehicle’s tire. The extra weight from the vehicle ensures that the base doesn’t come loose or tip over due to the elements. As it is secured under a vehicle, this base is incredibly portable and perfect for events held near or in parking lots.

Have a strong base

2. Use a Stake for Soft Surfaces

If you’re placing a banner in the dirt or grass, you go with a stake instead of a base to make the banner even more sturdy. With a stake, you’ll bore into the ground enough that the banner can’t be tipped over due to the wind.

All you have to do is properly drive the stake into the ground, making sure that you follow instructions for how deep the stake is meant to go. If it’s not placed deep enough, the banner will be more likely to tip over due to the wind. Generally, the deeper the stake is placed, the better it will hold up to everyday pressures from the wind and other elements.

For example, the Zoom Flex Flag Auger Stake is one of the most powerful stakes available for consumers to use to mount their banners on. The stake features a spiral bit design that helps users bore the stake into the ground. With its use, you can expect your banner to stay upright in regular weather conditions. Another excellent option is the Zoom Flex Flag Ground Stake, which features a steel stake that bores deep into the ground, keeping its banner secure.

3. Pick the Right Banner Materials

If the wind is a major concern for your banners, you’ll want to use materials that are designed to withstand the wind. Two popular materials for banners placed outdoors are cast vinyl and mesh. Both of these materials offer the flexibility needed to protect against wind damage.

One of the best materials to use on outdoor banners is vinyl mesh. As mesh is perforated, it allows wind to pass throughout it with ease and won’t billow excessively in windy conditions. Along with being wind-resistant, vinyl mesh is an attractive material to place your graphics on, and it holds up against other elements of the weather like rain, snow and ice.

Besides mesh, you can also choose to use cast vinyl outdoors. Cast vinyl isn’t perforated, but it still offers excellent protection against the wind. It’s a very flexible material that can be reinforced with grommets or attached to banner stands to ensure that the banner doesn’t blow away in the wind or become damaged. In appearance, cast vinyl will not have the transparent look that vinyl mesh has, and will appear more solid instead.

4. Tie Hanging Banners Securely

When large hanging banners are hung over a building’s entrance or off of the side of a wall, it’s important to secure the banners properly so that they don’t come loose. When companies don’t do their due diligence and tie their hanging banners to a surface, they set themselves up to have banners blow completely away.

Even if the banner doesn’t blow away in the wind, an improperly tied hanging banner could wrinkle or have parts of it flap away from the surface due to wind. The result of banners either getting blown away or having their visual appeal influenced by wrinkling is that you don’t get your message to consumers.

To ensure that your banners represent your company well outdoors, it’s a good idea to go with custom business banners that have grommets. With these grommets, users can pass ropes or zip-ties through them to secure the hanging banner to the surface. By tying the banner to a surface, you can ensure that the top, bottom and sides of the banner are attached tight enough that the banner doesn’t come loose and wrinkle due to the effect of the wind.

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SpeedPro produces top of the line, weather-resistant custom business banners. By working with us, you’ll receive all of the help you need to ensure that your outside vinyl banners are never blown away in the wind. Whether you need sturdy banner stands or mesh banners that let wind pass through, we have you covered. As a nationwide network of studios that specializes in large format graphics, SpeedPro has the expertise and materials to produce visually appealing, wind-resistant banners.

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