Vehicle Wraps in Focus with SpeedPro of Denver Owner, Darin Schneider

JULY 17, 2017| SpeedPro


Vehicle Graphics

Show and tell. Do you remember it from childhood? It’s the elementary activity in which a student brings in an object and talks about it. Now that we’re all grown up, we still dabble with show and tell, only adults refer to it as marketing. Communicating the value of your product or service remains an integral aspect of marketing. So, how do you communicate your message to your intended audience? Darin Schneider, our Denver-based SpeedPro owner, has a proven and customizable solution for businesses and fleets big and small—vehicle wraps.

Even in today’s increasingly technological world, business owners can still struggle to reach and influence their intended audience. With the internet, smartphones, and social media, attention spans are short and breaking through the content noise can be a tall order.  However, vehicle wraps, like those offered by Schneider and all SpeedPro franchisees, literally ensure a company’s marketing message is visible while their customers are driving – one of the few times when they aren’t consumed by their phone, computer or another digital screen.

And yes – the numbers back up the power of vehicle wraps.   According to an Arbitron study, 71 percent of Americans “often look at messages on roadside billboards.” Now take those same billboards, and make them mobile – ensuring they reach more people throughout the community. That’s what you’re doing when you invest in SpeedPro’s vehicle wraps.  Vehicle wraps are an effective advertising method for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. From an ROI standpoint, vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression.

For Schneider, his studio excels in single vehicles as well as full fleet wrap projects. Vehicle graphics helped lure Schneider from his IT consulting job into large format printing. He purchased his SpeedPro studio nearly six years ago.  Schneider told Sign Builder Illustrated when he took over, vehicle wraps represented 25 percent of their revenue stream.  “Over the past five years, vehicle graphics have increased to 50 percent of our revenue,” says Schneider.

Like many SpeedPro owners across the country, Schneider and SpeedPro of Denver are fully equipped to handle vehicle wrap projects of all shapes and sizes.  Specifically, once he saw the consistent flow of vehicle wrap projects, Schneider invested in a 40-by-14-foot bay to accommodate larger vehicles.

His portfolio of vehicle wrap clients reads like a “Best of” among Denver-area businesses. Schneider has wrapped vehicles for the Denver Broncos, Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape Care and Lifehouse Construction.

“I used SpeedPro’s creative studio services to come up with stand-out graphics for my first company truck,” says Marty Harrison of Lifehouse Construction. “It has worked so well I have gotten comments that it may be a little on the obnoxious side but in a good, memorable way-which is exactly what I wanted! They are the one stop for design, printing, and installation.”

Two recent projects bagged both local and national attention for Schneider’s team. They are responsible for outfitting 600-plus Denver-area Comcast vehicles. The SpeedPro studio also takes credit for the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) new “Bustang” fleet of buses. Schneider told Sign & Digital Graphics magazine:

“For this round of Comcast work, the client came directly to us,” Schneider says. “We have become the preferred Denver/Mountain region vendor. Initially, Comcast was a cold sales call. We were initially auditioned for a few of the upgrades but quickly supplanted the other vendor. CDOT was a sealed bid (request for proposal).”

While fleet wraps may be old hat for Schneider and his installation team, it’s not always easy…but he and his team find ways to deliver great work, on time.

“The Comcast work presented a huge logistical challenge,” Schneider told Sign & Digital Graphics. “Not only did a huge number of vehicles need to be completed in a short (under two months) time frame, but another primary requirement was minimizing their techs’ downtime as to not affect quotas. We were able to accomplish this using a few different techniques and best practices.”

The sweet science of marketing is ever-changing. But one thing is certain, you can’t generate business if potential customers don’t know you exist. Darin Schneider and all other SpeedPro owners are doing their part to help their clients grab attention.

No matter where you call home, there’s a SpeedPro studio owner ready to tailor your fleet-wrap solutions to your specific details and budget. You can start the process now. Reach out to us online, at, send an email, or call us at (844) 274-4784.

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