Most Weather-Resistant Outdoor Sign Materials

Most Weather-Resistant Outdoor Sign Materials

MARCH 6, 2020| SpeedPro



If you live in an area prone to lots of rain, strong sun or severe storms, you’ll need to employ signs and graphics that can stand up to the weather. Elements like wind, sun, rain, snow and hail can all have a destructive impact on signs that are made out of less durable materials.

To get the most life out of your outdoor signage and protect your message from corrosive elements, you should use only the best coatings and materials for your signage.

Top Materials for Signage

If you plan to have signage outdoors, you’ll need to use materials tough enough to stand up to the elements. Mesh, vinyl and coroplast are some of the most commonly used materials for outdoor signage and for a good reason. These materials are made for the outdoors and offer different benefits.


Mesh is commonly used to craft banners, flags and event tents. Vinyl mesh is a flexible material that’s easy to set up in a variety of outdoor locations. Common places to install the graphics include storefront windows, construction sites, parks and outdoor event spaces. Manufacturers construct mesh with a perforated film base that gives the material a semi-translucent appearance.

Durable Features of Mesh for Outdoor Signage [list]

Durable Features of Mesh for Outdoor Signage

Mesh is designed to be used outdoors, and it lives up to its purpose. Below, you can find the main features that make mesh such a perfect choice for your outdoor signage:

1. Wind Resistance

If you’re in a windy area and need to use signage that won’t be disrupted by windy conditions, mesh is an ideal choice. Other materials tend to move around in the wind, making it difficult for people to read. Additionally, the stress that constant movement has on signage regularly increases the chances of a tear and reduces the sign’s lifespan.

Since mesh is perforated, the wind easily passes through the signage, stopping the banner from billowing violently in the wind. With perforated mesh in place, the negative effects of wind are negated. You can be certain that anyone passing by will be able to read your sign, receiving whatever message you were hoping the sign would communicate.

2. Mesh’s Durability

Another big selling point of mesh products is the exceptional durability they offer. They hold up against the wind and they can use UV-resistant inks that prevent damage coming from constant sun exposure. These inks will protect your sign against premature fading that could take away from the visual appeal of your signage.

With mesh, you can also be certain that they have been treated to protect against water damage. To further enhance the sign’s durability, you can use laminates and finishes to provide a superior level of protection not found with other materials.

3. Secure Grommet-Hanging Configurations

A primary way of hanging banners is through grommets, which are reinforced holes that rope or string can be strung through to secure the banner to a surface. To secure the banner as tight as possible, you can also include ball bungees that loop through grommet holes and are then tightened to ensure that the banners aren’t ever wrinkled or damaged due to wind.

Adhesive Vinyl

Another material that is perfect for outdoor signs is adhesive vinyl. It is made out of methacrylic polymer and vinyl polymer, which produces a vinyl-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Typically, adhesive vinyl is used with decals to create visually appealing graphics that engage viewers.

Why Adhesive Vinyl Is an Excellent Choice

Companies confidently use this kind of vinyl outdoors, as it’s water-resistant and stands up against high temperatures. The durability of adhesive vinyl will keep your graphics safe over a great deal of time. In addition to resisting high-temperatures, the adhesive vinyl will stop your graphics from general wear and tear that often damages less durable signage options.

When your cast vinyl is ready for printing, the text and graphics support UV and water-resistant inks. The inks used with adhesive vinyl protect your graphics from debris and water, help your graphics hold up against outside pressures and are environmentally friendly.

Cast and Calendered Vinyl

In addition to adhesive vinyl, standard vinyl is ideal for a variety of outdoor signage needs. Cast and calendered vinyl offer superior durability for banners.

One primary element of vinyl is that it’s almost entirely water-proof. No matter how much it rains in the location that you choose to install your banner, you can be sure that your signage will hold up against the water. The material is also resistant to other weather pressures such as hot and cold conditions.

Like adhesive vinyl, you can use UV curable inks that protect against damage from the sun. Additionally, the material also supports solvent-based inks that are extremely durable, remaining vivid to viewers for many years to come.

Along with using durable inks, companies can laminate vinyl to make the material even stronger. These laminates protect the banner by providing an extra barrier between the vinyl and outside pressures. Additionally, the lamination allows companies to incorporate a specialty finish to their banners, from high-gloss to matte.


As a type of corrugated plastic, coroplast is an extremely durable material for outdoor usage. You’ll find that coroplast features a liner that has been folded and sandwiched between two flat layers. In appearance, coroplast actually refers to the brand name of corrugated plastic, but as it’s become so common, coroplast is the preferred term for this type of plastic.

Why Coroplast Is an Excellent Outdoor Signage Choice

As you think about purchasing signage, you should know the following benefits that come with choosing a coroplast sign:

  • Weather resistance: Unlike the cardboard it resembles, coroplast won’t get soggy when it rains or become frail due to the cold. Instead, it will hold up against anything the weather can throw at it.
  • Durability: You can trust that coroplast is going to stand up to the test of time. It protects against tearing or breaking down due to age or regular use. By using this material, you can be certain you have a reliable signage option for years to come.
  • Additive options: If you’re planning on keeping your sign up for a longer time than average or live in an area with particularly harsh weather conditions, coroplast can be mixed with extra additives for superior protection. These additives will often have specific uses, such as making the signage flame-retardant or providing it with extra UV-resistance. In the end, these additives make the material that much more durable.

Create Weather-Resistant Outdoor Signage With SpeedPro

Whether you need small or large outdoor signs, SpeedPro can help you craft eye-catching signage that’s tough enough to provide vivid imaging for years to come. As a nationwide network of studios that specialize in outdoor signage, we can find the perfect material for your outdoor building signage needs.

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