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5 Keys to Success with Floor Graphics

JUNE 13, 2019| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Are you new to floor or carpet decals?

If you’re involved in visual merchandising, event production, trade show management or real estate, you’ve probably either thought about floor graphics or used them a time or two.  But clearly they are not as common as banners, posters or window clings, so there’s still a bit of mystery…or perhaps fear of the unknown.

At SpeedPro of San Francisco Bay, we do our best to know the unknown and take the fear out of floor graphics.  And to start with here are 5 areas to keep in mind to prevent problems or unexpected consequences:

What Adhesion is Best for your project?

There are many types of floors, and matching types of adhesives designed for each surface.  If your print vendor offers a “one type works for all” (or doesn’t even ask any questions about where it will be applied)…run, don’t walk away.  Carpets require a media that is sticky enough to stay put on a low pile carpet, but won’t leave an “invisible” trace of stickum that slowly turns darker and darker as dirt adheres.  And the venue will know exactly whose floor decals those were that left the mark, to be sure!

Do you need Outdoor Longevity?

SpeedPro has done many exterior concrete or asphalt graphics designed for Art & Wine Fairs, Marathons, Fundraising 5Ks, and so on that need to stay put for 48-72 hours then come up.  That’s a different material than more expensive, metal based materials such as AsphaltArt or Alumigraphics Grip that can last for months or more.  What do you need?  Be specific with us and we’ll hook you up with the right media for your outdoor surface, be it long term or a few hours.

What Indoor Durability do you require?

Likewise, for inside floor graphics in markets, malls, airports and other retail establishments with smooth flooring of sealed concrete/terrazzo, vinyl or tile, be sure to ask yourself (and tell us) “how long do we need this to last?”  Don’t over spec, but be realistic.  Floor graphics, like other adhesive backed laminated prints will find ways to start peeling and lifting if exposed to long term use.

Do you need Anti-Slip Lamination?

If it’s a carpet graphic for a two-day event, you can get away without a laminate since the foot-traffic won’t be that torturous.  But if it’s anything else, be sure to ask what kind of specialty floor laminate do we recommend?  Floor lams should be safety rated for slip resistance by one of several national rating bureaus.  Primarily, we all want to prevent accidents, but beyond that from a legal perspective, it’s good policy to spec an approved product.  Ahhh, peace of mind!

What about Ease of application/removal?

Finally, be sure the horizontal surface has a finish that will allow for the easy installation and yank-off of the graphics.  If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help at SpeedPro in San Carlos.

Some great branding and communication opportunities are at your feet – if you know these key items to keep in mind by communicating your particular use scenario and asking a few questions. We’re happy to help any time at or by calling 650.662.5450 or clicking here.

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