The so-called “brick and mortar” retail sector faces profound daily challenges. Nonetheless, people still like to shop locally, wander and be drawn into opportunities, and enjoy the hands-on experience of traditional shopping. Walk into any store, shopping center, trade show or convention and you’ll likely see retail graphics. You probably pass by dozens of such displays every day. They’re popular because they work. We call this “surface impact” because every surface a customer sees presents an opportunity to make an impression.


At SpeedPro | SF Peninsula, we work closely with you to create top quality imagery designed to catch shoppers’ attention in a short amount of time. With our experience (and plenty of testimonials) to back our work, you can have confidence that these graphics will hit the intended spot.

Retail makes use of more kinds of signs than even most consumer sectors, because retail commerce depends on effectively communicating key information visually. Regardless of the product, message, or setting, SpeedPro’s signage solutions can be customized to fit your retail application needs.

Enhance sales:  Shoppers have myriad options, but when you add stunning graphics to your retail space, you draw customer interest and can drive sales.

Focus customer attention:  Want browsers to check out a new product, an exciting offering or a high-ticket item? Graphics can affect where people go and can guide customers through a store, pop-up, or other retail experience. They can also direct your shoppers to more exclusive products, placing the focus in the perfect place.

Convert passers-by into shoppers:  When a potential lead stops to admire a beautiful display, it’s an opportunity to engage and get your brand or product message across.

Position items exactly:  Do you want to up-sell or cross-sell? Graphics help to direct attention and focus, helping your sales team in their efforts.

Generate an in-store environment:  Set a stage with dramatic, colorful graphics to create an immersive experience. Evoke a vibe that prospects associate with your brand.

Increase awareness of seasonal offerings:If there is a special seasonal offer or promotion, make it visually distinct from everything else on display with an eye-catching retail graphic.


At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, you’ll find options for POP displays, in-store/directional signage, stickers, and window graphics easily adaptable to the store or retailing style. We stock A-frame signboards, feather flags, digital signage and retractable banner stands, all ideal fits for indoor or outdoor vendors.

SpeedPro also produces creates and installs elevator wraps, wall murals, event graphics, and overhead banners for anchor stores, national chains, and shopping centers. We do it all custom with the big, bold graphics that merchandisers, store managers and advertising creative are looking for in successful, professional retail displays.


Retail graphics provide lots of choices. Different materials, fabric printing, unique fitting displays, wall graphics, window displays, point of purchase (POP) displays and signage and other solutions will let you tailor the medium to the message. Whether you’re offering a service or a product, retail graphics will evoke a mood and build brand awareness. Beautiful graphics can stop customers in their tracks and make them eager to learn more about your offerings.

SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

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Michelle Barberini