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Wall <span>Murals</span>


Business owners and organizations are embracing bold, lively designs and breaking free of the boring office space of the past. Join the movement and revamp your space with a custom wall mural by SpeedPro of SF Peninsula. We specialize is printing and installing high-quality, customized wall murals that make a big impression!  These large and in-charge images are a powerful, attractive tool for reinventing the look and feel of your organization and transforming a drab space into something inspiring and emotion-evoking. It’s easy to incorporate a wall mural into your existing office space without breaking the bank. Wall murals can also expand beyond office walls into retail spaces, restaurants, hotels and much more!


Now, with large format printing and precision CNC cutting technology, we’ve made custom wall murals an affordable and amazing way to enhance your work environment. We have the experience, technology and technique to help you create a unique wall mural that  reflects your personal or corporate style and/or brand. Let our team help you create and install the mural of your dreams!


Is your office space making you want to fall asleep? With intricate and interesting custom wall graphics from SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, you can transform your work environment into a truly wonderful and personalized space your employees and visitors will enjoy. We’re inspired by bold shapes, bright colors and unique design aesthetics! We offer a range of mural options including life-sized murals for both indoor and outdoor use, textile and fabric murals, and personalized wallpaper, to name a few.

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Different types of wall surfaces (e.g. sheetrock, wood, glass, brick, metal, etc.) require specific types of mural media with special adhesion and flexibility characteristics. The mural media is the material your image is printed on.  Some of the more popular types include cast vinyl, calendared vinyl, photo paper, frost, translucent, textured wall paper, canvas, perforated film for glass or window applications and specialty substrates and laminates. The look and feel of your final wall mural are largely determined by the type of media and inks used.  At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, we specialize in using Latex, UV-curable, and eco-solvent ink.


You can install a wall mural on almost any wall! They can be used to promote a temporary sale or event, highlight your company goals, Design a more cohesive brand experience for your guests, or inspire your employees with uplifting anecdotes or quotes. SpeedPro of SF Peninsula can help you with everything from design ideas to installation. No matter what type of image or message you’d like to convey, SpeedPro of SF Peninsula will work with you to design and build the perfect custom wall mural.

  • Retail stores: A full mural on a back wall can show the many uses for your products, bring some fresh personality to your shop and extend your company’s branding to the environment.
  • Hotels: Show a map in the lobby in the form of a full wall mural depicting the surrounding area and highlighting great places your guests may want to visit.
  • Restaurants: Tell the story of your restaurant with an imaginative mural that depicts how you have grown over time and display it on your back wall.
  • Event venues: Brand your company at an event with a memorable mural showing what you can do for your customers.


SpeedPro of SF Peninsula provides full design and printing services, color matching and installation. When you work with us, we will help you select the right material and finish for your mural, ensuring your final product is as beautiful as it is functional.

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Some popular mural options include:

  • Full or partial mural– we can cover a small section of your wall or we can do the whole thing.
  • Cut vinyl lettering– let us cut any shape you can imagine for a professionally branded look and feel.
  • Pre-pasted – wallpaper material that features glue on the back that is activated by water.
  • Un-pasted – paper or fabric-backed paper wall covering media does not come pre-treated with adhesive. We apply paste to the back during installation.
  • Self-adhesive – the wall covering media (usually a vinyl) includes a self-adhesive backer. No water or glue is needed to activate adhesion.

We are proud to have some of the very latest HP and Agfa print systems, providing top-of-the-line resolution and color accuracy. Furthermore, we offer Latex, UV cured and eco-solvent ink options. Don’t worry, we’ll recommend based on the best match with the material. If you need to meet particular specifications for compliance or code, we’ll be sure to walk through those options, too.

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