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Selling cars and trucks is a competitive and demanding business. Attracting the right buyer demands the right kind of visibility. Auto dealerships in the San Francisco Bay Area partner with SpeedPro to produce custom auto dealership signs that grab attention and communicate the value proposition in Great. Big. Graphics.

SpeedPro offers a wide variety of custom vehicle dealership signs for indoor or outdoor display. Out on the car lot, our portable, practical A-frame signs make great section markers and directional indicators. Branded feather banner flags and overhead vinyl banners are popular and effective for sales events or grand openings, as well as for more permanent visual advertising. We also stock a large selection of indoor and outdoor retractable banners for one time or frequent use.

For indoor appeal, SpeedPro has great experience printing and installing colorful window graphics on perforated film to capitalize on plate glass windows. Likewise, we offer sales area wall murals and posters that can be seen from the street and refreshed when new models come in.


We work with dealerships in San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties to help the fleet sales department offer customers a turnkey solution of fleet branding. From full custom vehicle wraps to basic decal packages, SpeedPro works hand in hand with dealership fleet sales managers to quickly complete our aftermarket uplifting and get working trucks and vans on to the road as quickly as possible, leading to greater volume and loyalty.

We also work on branding dealership vehicles (customer shuttles, parts vans and loaners) which are a logical and highly visible choice for any auto dealership. From basic window decals to partial wraps, we’re tuned to work around your needs.

Our years of experience in working with local dealerships and national fleet leasing operations saves you time


At SpeedPro, you’ll find more than just great graphics. For our clients, we’re a partner first. We know that our work reflection on your business, so we manage your projects as though our business depended on it. Because it does. We strive for first class production on every project, every time. We help our clients select the right media for the job and configure the design to fit the need. Our mission is to bring your vision to life, on custom auto dealership signs and much more. Explore our site to see more ways working with SpeedPro can work for you.

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