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Here’s to the Humble, Versatile, A-Frame Sign

JANUARY 17, 2012| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



It’s not glamorous, trendy or cutting-edge.  But for straight forward street signage, the trusty A-frame stand–sometimes known as a sandwich board– is still an economical and practical choice.  Whether you’re trying to draw attention to a retail shop or direct traffic flow at an event, this display does the job.  It’s durable, foldable, stackable, portable, self-supporting and weatherproof…but wait, there’s more!!!

Many demands, many solutions.Speedpro offers A-frames in a wide variety of sizes in plastic and metal, from tall skinny ones, to low wide models.   We print full color, custom sign faces (front, back or both) on corrugated plastic (coroplast) or Sintra PVC depending on budget and longevity requirements.   Some of the frames are designed to have the sign face slide into existing grooves for quick changes, other are attached with screws or double stick tape.

Even though we’ve made our name from our extreme resolution graphics and unique display offerings, we at SpeedPro still have a special affection for the sandwich board.  Be it ever so humble…

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