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Indoor. Outdoor. Retractable or hanging. With grommets, Velcro or pole pockets. Small, medium or huge.

When it comes to banners, SpeedPro of SF Peninsula custom prints and finishes a wide variety of types for a wide range of settings.  From trade shows to recruitment fairs, construction fencing in downtown San Francisco to a Niners game in Santa Clara, at fairs, concerts and festivals year-round. Whatever your need, we’ve got your solution.

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We Print Banners Up to 10 feet Wide x 150 feet long!

Don’t settle for anything less than the right material for your needs. We stock a huge inventory of banner materials ready to be printed and finished. Most of our banners use a 13 oz scrim banner material that can be either glossy or matte. However, we have other material available as well if your circumstances call for something different. Some things to consider before deciding on a specific type of banner and banner material include the weight of the material, whether or not the banner will be hung inside or outdoors, and how the banner will be hung or displayed.

Banner Options

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the deteriorating effects of direct sunlight, heavy wind, intense weather conditions and premature wear and tear.

Outdoor banners add texture, color, and eye-arresting graphics to your event tent, booth, or brick-and-mortar business exterior.  They’re also ideal for use at sporting events, festivals, outdoor trade shows street fairs or any other outdoor event you’d like to brand as your own.

Our outdoor banners are made with sturdy, weather-resistant vinyl to ensure your message is loud and clear, regardless of the conditions outside.  The base vinyl is also fabricated for durability. Outdoor banners won’t see surface damage spots or fading when handled and will last several years when displayed in appropriate settings. If you require even more protection for your banner, we offer a laminate finish for further waterproofing, fade-resistance and weatherability.


Banner Stands

Banner stands are the perfect way to put your message on display at exhibits, outdoor events, or at the point of purchase in your business. A purchase of a banner stand includes a full-color banner and all banners are either printed on scrim vinyl,  no-curl vinyl, or fabric. The three most popular types of banner stands include:

  • Retractable: We recommend using retractable banner stands with your custom banners. These stands use an internal spring tension mechanism to roll your banner around a roller at the base when you’re not using it. Their portability makes them perfect for travel and quick set up, and the come in many widths and price ranges depending on quality, style, and durability.
  • Spring-back: Spring-back banner stands are a low-cost alternative to other stand options. With tension arms that will hold the banner in place, they’re lightweight for easy transport.
  • Telescopic: Telescopic banner stands take up minimal floor space while providing more visibility. You can easily assemble and transport them while adjusting the height depending on the venue.


Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are large backdrops frequently used in fashion shows and red-carpet events. Printed with a repeating pattern of logos or brand marks, these publicity backdrops show up behind celebrities in pictures and videos, giving sponsors prime exposure.

Most of our step & repeats are printed on fabric or vinyl, but they can be made of canvas, paper, or rigid substrates such as Gatorfoam or Foamcore or directly applied vinyl on a wall. At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, we can do them all.

Standing Banners

A standing banner is a large banner, often 5 or 6 feet tall, that can stand on its own thanks to a self-supporting X-shaped system on its backside. Our standing banners come in both shield and cylinder shapes, and you can set them up quickly and easily at your event.

Standing banners are both tough and aesthetically pleasing, making them great for events with high traffic. When you pair these banners with a banner stand, they’ll hang on their own and stand anywhere you want. With the ideal amount of stretch and versatile structure, standing banners will look great wherever you put them.

Pop-Up Banners

When easy setup and carrying are important, pop-up banners are the perfect solution for your event, trade show, or other visual marketing needs. At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, our high-quality pop-up banners take only a few seconds to set up and immediately begin drawing more people to your booth. All you have to do is transport them to your event and pop them up to showcase your products, services, company, and much more.

Banner Material


Commonly used for outdoor signage since it is durablescratch and water-resistant, our scrim banners are usually hemmed and finished with metal grommets for easy hanging. Scrim banners are made of vinyl reinforced with a layer of woven nylon polyester (scrim). The design is what gives it strength and durability. Its smooth, flat finish makes this surface ideal for vibrant printing on one or both sides.


Designed for indoor use, our smooth banner material is made of recyclable PET. The silky surface allows crisp, colorful images—even when viewed very close up. Available in a matte finish, and like the scrim can be printed on both sides.

Non-curl media for retractors

We offer smooth, grey-back (block-out) media, Ferrari Decolit coated fabric or PET super-smooth for our banner stands. If you’ve ever seen a retractable banner that looks like it’s curling like a burrito, it was probably printed on the wrong stuff.  It doesn’t cost much more to specify the right material for the job!


Manufactured to let air blow through instead of flapping in the wind or tearing, the mesh we use at SpeedPro allows for up to 70 percent airflow. This synthetic mesh substrate can also be hemmed for a clean look and pierced to hold grommets. We do a lot of these for construction fences, event venues and parks.


With a texture similar to a painting canvas, this material has a softer feel and is “natural” on the non-print side and painted white on the print side. While not as glossy as some other options, canvas is a common choice for setting that demand a more classic look; your bank or inside hotels.

Heavy Duty

Ideal for pole banners or fluttering flags that will go with the wind instead of fighting it, this vinyl substrate has high tear resistance due to the multi-layer design. Often hemmed and grommeted, our heavy-duty block-out banner is also ideal for prints that will be inserted into re-usable frames to announce the current sale or holiday specials.

From small startups to corporate hotels, banners fit into all marketing strategies thanks to their efficiency and appearance.

We’ll recommend the best-suited banner material for the context it will be used in. We can design and print your banner, or print from your digital art files.

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If you’re looking for custom banners in San Francisco, San Mateo or Santa Clara, the team at SpeedPro of SF Peninsula is ready to fit your needs exactly. Call or email us today to receive a free quote for your design.

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