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7 Fresh Ideas for Custom Decals and Stickers – “stick ’em up!”

OCTOBER 13, 2016| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Stuck for Ideas? How about Stickers?

One of our favorite marketing and promotional tools here at SpeedPro of SF Peninsula is the versatile, sometimes overlooked sticker or decal.  Because of our approach to printing, laminating and contour cutting decals, we can cost effectively create small batches of shaped stickers that once were prohibitively expensive when a traditional die had to be custom made.  Now, the only limit to using self-adhesive stickers is your imagination and…okay let’s say it…the law.  Please don’t deface other people’s property without their permission! 

So here are 7 ways you can creatively use stickers for your club, church, organization or business.

#1 Promotions

If you’re running a promotion, how about using stickers to draw attention. Whether you’re applying decals on to products or merchandising them to inform prospects about the promotion, they are a terrific tactic.

#2 Events

heart POP decalsTrade shows, conferences and events are wonderful places to use decals and stickers and to build brand awareness and recognition. It’s a particularly effective way for putting your name out there when starting a new business or building initial name-recognition. The effectiveness builds as you ramp-up the amount of stickers you are distributing.

#3 Team Building

From “traditional” teams – softball, soccer, bowling or whatever – to non-traditional teams of workers or volunteers, sharing a common look builds cohesion.  So, next time think beyond T-shirt, to provide team stickers for the gang.  They can be customized to each member or just a cool looking batch.

#4 Freebie giveaways

If you are having a raffle or giving something away, stickers and decals draw attention to the item that being offered – and everyone likes free stuff! Of course, the idea is to have a giveaway in order to focus attention to your profitable products and services. So keep your strategy in mind to draw the right kind of interest.

#5 Vehicles

Vehicle graphics have become one for the most cost-effective and proven forms of marketing – especially for trades and small business.  Of course we do a lot of full wraps here at SpeedPro, but well designed large stickers and lettering is still a great way to go.  And, for local issues and elections, there’s always the short-run “bumper sticker.”

#6 Special Information

Small stickers provide a great opportunity for informational or safety warning on products or plant hardware.  But also a service or product may require additional explanation or clarification.  Perhaps a step-by-step explanation to help users follow you to your point…be that physical or logical.  Wall graphic stickers can be used to help lead people through an otherwise difficult area to navigate, or for displays think about a “look for the xyz” approach.

#7 Smartphones, Tablets and Phablets

Since we’re all “glued” to our electronic devices these days, why not make something that can glue to it!  We have made laptop covers, stickers with durable scuff-resistant lamination and temporary “tattoos” for client phones and tablets.  If you have an idea, let us help you execute it.

Call SpeedPro of SF Peninsula today at 650.662.5450 for a free quote on stickers or decals.

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