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Carpet graphic Do’s and Don’ts

MAY 9, 2018| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Carpet Decals Can Be Fantastic, but be careful!

How can an event planner or corporate marketing manager use the floor to better direct people to a location or brand an function without getting in trouble with the venue?

The answer?  Special adhesive backed material for carpets. Yes, there are specific printable adhesive products that are formulated to stick firmly to a low nap carpet for a few days. The key is being able to later remove them without leaving an sticky “ghost” that attracts dirt or prevents the graphic from cleanly detaching. Therefore, you need to use the right stuff.  Most adhesive vinyls are designed to adhere with a greater tackiness and they tend to leave behind a bit of stickum that can attract dirt over time. 

printed contour cut green footprint used for directional signage
Follow the footsteps!

We Use carpet-specific media for carpets

For low nap industrial carpeting, we always use material intended for that exact purpose. And we have other floor vinyl for hard interior floors (vinyl tiles, LVT, polished concrete or terrazzo) and exterior concrete or asphalt. Don’t let someone tell you they’re all the same. If they do, it’s only because they don’t stock the proper inventory and hope to slide by.

SpeedPro has created “footprints” and other markers to smartly guide attendees to breakout sessions, F&B, or remote rooms that have saved the day for many a planner.  Much easier and more memorable than “human signage” or a forest of easels and foamcore signs.

If you’ve got an event coming up in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, contact SpeedPro

So if carpets are your challenge, please give us a call.  This material, for example, is completely different from what we recommend for exterior concrete graphics or retail composite/vinyl floors. Many options, many answers.  So feel free to ask the experts and we’ll be happy to make sure you have the right adhesive media for your floor.  Whether it’s a simple rectangle or a contour cut shape, SpeedPro of SF Peninsula can do it.

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