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Escalator billboards – get stares on the stairs

AUGUST 10, 2013| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Elevator wraps are a favorite way to bringing event themes and messaging to a hotel or convention space. But next time, how about an escalator?

A Great Way to Brand a Venue

What a moving way to brand an event space!  Actually the branding is stationary, but the audience is guaranteed to move past it — up and down.  We’re talking about billboard-like messages running the length of the glass handrail support walls on a pair of escalators. That’s what SpeedPro’s client TriNet did for a recent industry event where they were a key sponsor.

In addition to wrapping columns as discussed in another blog, TriNet took advantage of the normally unused parallel surfaces of the hotel escalators at San Francisco’s Westin Hotel.  These escalators lead event attendees upstairs to the main ballroom foyer, and were a great opportunity to roll out their newest campaign to a semi-captive audience.

Designed for a Quick Install and Removal

Since the conference was only for a few days and the surface of the escalator walls was glass, SpeedPro San Francisco Peninsula printed on white “static cling” vinyl.  Static clings sticks without adhesive and easily removes without any residue. Our Account Managers worked with the TriNet marketing graphics team to make sure that dimensions were double-checked, and that we didn’t try to over-reach and track the complex curves at the top and bottom.  Simpler is often better.

TriNet is an HR company specializing in online “cloud based” services focused on entrepreneurial ventures and rapidly growing start-ups.  If they can help you with human resources needs, give them a call.  And if we can help you convey your message in a moving manner, please step to it with SpeedPro, by calling us at 650.662-5450 or clinking here to request a quote or consultation.

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