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Exhibit Inspirations: Ideas for Your Next Trade Show or Event

JANUARY 12, 2018| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Trade shows — we’ve all been to them, either as an exhibitor or attendee. Walking the aisles of a trade show can create sensory overload where all booths start to look the same, as countless companies display their latest innovations and product offerings. With numerous competitors in close proximity, how do you stand out from the competition without breaking the bank?

This trade show season, you might consider some innovative options to augment or replace elements in your display. For years, SpeedPro has helped exhibitors by producing quality banner stands, pop-up displays and elaborate maze-like orbital displays to attract attendees to their booth. Using these traditional display options is effective, but with increased competition in an ever saturated marketplace, the tried-and-true approach isn’t always enough to stand out.

Here are a few trade show ideas that can be effective alternatives for communicating your product and brand:

QR codeQR Codes

Another great way to make sure your promotional products, business cards, and sales collateral aren’t lost in the giant black hole of trade swag. A prospective client can simply use their smart phone to scan a black and white or color “checkerboard” code which directs them to a pre-determined web page.  QR codes are still unusual enough to draw attention and make an impression. We’ve printed giant QR code decals to wrap on trade show properties, and smaller stickers to be added as a guide to the latest product information that didn’t make it into the product literature.


Temporary Floor GraphicsWrapped portable gelato bar

On any surface, even carpet! For an exhibit that has the space, floor graphics add a unique visual attraction to your booth.

Specialty Wraps

Vehicle, furniture or even a product wraps can turn heads and garner attention. If space will not allow for these options, then what about having your brand’s messaging on your counters, chairs and couches where you will meet with clients?

Hanging Textile Graphics

Cotton, canvas or twill can provide an authentic look while adding some style to your booth.  Try these textiles in black and white for yet another display look.

With trade show season just around the corner, put some thought into creating a visually appealing booth with clear and concise brand messaging giving you a leg-up on attracting new prospects. SpeedPro Imaging | SF Peninsula specializes in high resolution display graphics and printing.  Feel free to click here, email or call us at 650.662.5450 to bounce around some ideas or get a quote for a project!

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