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Fantastic Signs and Promotions for Golf Tournaments

MAY 19, 2016| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula


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Golf events are a great way to bring together a group of like-minded folks and often to raise money or awareness for a good cause.  Whether it just a tournament or combined with breakfast or awards dinner there are plenty of needs for graphics.

From directional signage to custom tee markers, leader boards to yardage indicators, there are dozens of opportunities to feature sponsor’s names and logos on tournament signs. But it can get complicated and costly to figure it all out if you’re not a professional planner.

Easy Packages — or customized as you choose

So SpeedPro in San Carlos has come up with 3 easy packages which combine many of favorite items into a discounted bundle. Even better… we’ll  kick in toward your charity!

Here’s how it works:

  • There are three levels of package bundles available
  • Packages include sponsor signs, way finding signs, and banners
  • Any of the packages can further be customized to suit your needs

Just give us your list of customers, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll insert your logo into the sponsor sign if you like.  Best of all, SpeedPro of SF Peninsula can usually have them done for you in a couple of days max. No bogies!

Most of our golf tournament signs are made on durable coroplast–a corrugated plastic substrate–and the flutes make it easy to slide onto metal H shaped stakes.  Just jab the stakes into the turf, slide the sign on and be done! The signs are waterproof and don’t fade in the sun. That means you can use them year after year, printing only the new sponsors in subsequent years.

Let us know if SpeedPro can help you eliminate the hassles of signage and get you closer to a fun-filled and successful event.  Call us at 650.662.5450 or send us an email at:

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