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NFC Technology and Print Media

JULY 16, 2020| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

In today’s world of social distancing and single-use menus, business owners are looking for new and easy ways to connect and communicate with their customers. The easier and more convenient you make it, the better the outcome for your business.

This is where InfoLnkX™ NFC (Near Field Communication) comes to the rescue. Not many people are aware of NFC technology or that it can be used in print media and other marketing materials to minimize the number of touchpoints between you and your customers.

What is NFC?

NFC is a wireless technology that allows information to be transferred between an NFC enabled device (typically a smartphone, but tablets can also be used) and an NFC tag. An NFC tag is a small chip usually embedded in a sticker that can be integrated into a sign or inside of a product. InfoLnkX™ is SpeedPro’s branded NFC implementation optimized for print media and signs.

The smartphone activity is initiated by tapping the NFC enabled device against an NFC tag, resulting in a launched website or other digital media, like a menu, being displayed on the user’s smartphone. We also can print QR codes on to printed materials to offer a complementary alternative approach.

Tapping your InfoLnkX™ NFC tag could lead your customers to…

  • Your website, landing page or application
  • An online shopping cart where they can pay for a product or service
  • Download information about your product or company


A strip of NFC tags with an overlay image of the back of the tag


How Can NFC Technology Help Your Business?

NFC is super convenient for your customers to use and in most cases, does not require the use of a 3rd party app. The easier customers can communicate with your business, the better. For example, a customer is interested in your product but your sales associates are all busy helping other people. Instead of simply leaving, the interested customer can learn more about the product, discover related items, or even make a purchase simply by tapping your InfoLnkX™ NFC tagged flier or banner.

Using NFC technology is not only easy, it’s cost-effective. When added to the cost your printed marketing materials- like banners, store-front and wayfinding signage– the cost is negligible. Level up your business’ marketing game with NFC technology!


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