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(Takin’ it to the) STREET GRAPHICS

JULY 13, 2018| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula


Contrary to conventional wisdom, sometimes you do want to have someone look down at, or even step on your brand!

We’re talking about temporary street graphics — applied directly to concrete or asphalt — which can last for days or months before being removed.  This makes them ideal for everything from a weekend street fair or Fun Run, to a longer-running art exhibit or civic festival.

Since people aren’t accustomed to seeing street signage, well placed walkway images really gets noticed. Some of the outdoor street graphics require fairly elaborate application with special tools, and are built to last a longer time and hold up to vehicular traffic, but one of SpeedPro’s favorite products for simpler, short-term uses  is called StreetRap.  It’s easy to apply – but thin with a VERY high tack adhesive.  So it’s easily removed and perfect for rough, porous surfaces but not a good thing for sealed concrete or terrazzo.

Generally we recommend a non-slip over-laminate to protect a floor 0r graphic, but if it’s for short term use, the lam can be skipped and any wear on the print looks rugged and appropriate on a sidewalk. SpeedPro only uses laminates that meet the requirements or have been certified by UL, ASTM or NFSI/ANSI for slip resistance. There are also specialty materials that do not require lamination such as AlumiGraphics, a product that is actually made from a very thin layer of aluminum, with adhesive on one side and a printable surface with an abrasive “grit” on the other. The metal substrate conforms to all the ‘nooks and crannies’ in a rough concrete, aggregate or asphalt surface.


If you want to let everyone know you’re strong enough to let them walk all over your message, ask SpeedPro about taking it to the streets.

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