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MAY 21, 2015| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula


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Decor Meets Branding

Are you thinking about a unique treatment for a corporate wall – perhaps a timeline or Mission Statement?  Or maybe you’re considering custom wall paper, with a distinctive color or pattern that reflects your brand or identity?

The answer is digitally printed wall covering that renders interior spaces singular to you or your enterprise. Beautiful high resolution photos, wall graphics or patterns can be printed on a variety of materials, including textured adhesive vinyl or traditional pasted wall coverings that meet LEED specs. Wall graphics can transform boring surfaces in an office space into something memorable.

This is a great solution for:

  • Boardrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Logo Wallpaper
  • Educational Exhibits
  • Government Buildings
  • Meeting Spaces

Let your imagination go…

…when you think of opportunities. Really, there’s no limit when it comes to the concepts you can express with wallscapes.  To get your mind going, check out our portfolio for examples. Additionally, here are a few creative ideas for custom corporate wall murals – merely catalysts for your own ideas:


  • Quotes & Sayings: Are you proud of your Values or Mission Statement? Why not put it up on a wall to inspire employees and inform clients.
  • Create a dramatic view: Feature your City’s memorable views or motifs, or if your office lacks windows, make your own view with images of city scape or a memorable vista.
  • Build a backdrop for teleconferencing: a client of ours often engages in international video conferences and uses a full-height wall graphic of the Golden Gate Bridge to let everyone know that he is in San Francisco.  Where are you on your calls?  Not in a plain vanilla office, we hope!
  • Highlight your logo: Brand your space by accentuating your logo in a mural or wallpaper.
  • Sail away: Use peaceful, high resolution ocean, beach or waterfall photos to induce a calm spirit during the busy business day.
  • Informational displays to educate: Let everyone who comes through your doors know about your latest project.
  • Temporary event graphics: What a great solution for non-profit galas or events!  Display and inform about your cause with short-term wall murals and graphics!

SpeedPro can help you from planning to installation

If you want to know more about custom wallpaper, wall murals and cut vinyl graphics for walls, give us a call at (650) 662-5450 or ask us for a quote or consultation.  That’s how we’ve built our business at SpeedPro / SF Peninsula.

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