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Why Cling is the Thing!

JULY 18, 2017| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula

Easy and Fast Window Decals

Are you looking for a way to entice new customers and attract passersby?  Perhaps the answer is bold and colorful window graphics on static cling, printed in fantastic full-color by SpeedPro.  Yep, static cling is a great choice for short-term, affordable window graphics, especially since it can often be applied by employees and doesn’t require a professional installer in smaller sizes.

white static cling decalYou’re not limited to rectangular shapes.  At SpeedPro, we can contour cut static cling and other graphics into any shape you desire, allowing you to build your branding with a more organic flair.

Some features that make SpeedPro’s cling a stand out:

  • Sticks to glass without adhesive
  • Inexpensive for short-term graphics
  • Easily removable
  • Position-able

There are two main kinds of Static Window Cling available:

Clear White
  • Mount inside the window
  • View from the outside
  • Can be mounted outside or inside
  • View from the outside

Options for Window Graphics

For the right situation, static cling offers a few advantages over other window advertising methods. With a great design (and our color critical large format printing), your message will stick in the minds of every pedestrian.  In an age of window shopping, you’ll give everyone a reason to enter your store. Clear window cling adds dimensional interest to your store front with its transparency. Or white cling can provide a contrasting pop for your colors.

window static cling

With static cling prints you have a low-cost and low-maintenance front-line marketing solution that is simple to swap out and update at will. Our static cling can be installed and removed in minutes, all without leaving any adhesive residue.

In addition to traditional clear and white static cling, many other new types of “cling” are available for short-term glass application. Products such as Glass Appeal and Yupo offer micro suction technology for reusable applications. Unlike traditional adhesive vinyl, these materials are easily re-positioned and if carefully stored can be removed and reused.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about options for window graphics. Depending on your budget, size and whether you are going DIY or having professional installation, we’re happy to offer suggestions and guidance.

Find out more about full-color static cling window graphics from SpeedPro of SF Peninsula today.

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