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Window Cling – What’s New?

OCTOBER 15, 2017| SpeedPro of SF Peninsula



The latest window clings are not just eye-catching, but are great for any business with foot traffic. When you hear the word “cling” you might picture a small round black and white sticker or uneven lettering, but forget about those basic window stencils. Using the latest printing advancements we offer colorful, creative and bold window clings.

At SpeedPro of SF Peninsula, for temporary or short term signage we often use a new window film called Glass Adhere. This product uses a different technology than traditional “static” clings. It features micro-suction cups on one side, and may be used over and over–allowing you to change images regularly. If it becomes soiled, simply wash off it off and reapply.

Using window graphics in your signage provides flexibility to easily, affordably and quickly change out your branding as needed.  Think of Glass Adhere as a billboard using bold images and supporting text. Examples of how window graphics can be used:

  • with seasonal imagery and messages
  • to announce a sale
  • as branded signage 
  • to draw attention to closeouts
  • for promoting specials

Feel free to contact us at or call 650.596.3444 to get more information on Glass Adhere or other options for window graphics and signage.

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