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5 Simple Reasons Businesses Should Invest in Out-of-Home Advertising

NOVEMBER 19, 2018| SpeedPro


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In the midst of marketers’ laser-like focus on digital media innovations, you may be surprised to learn one of the fastest-growing media categories has actually been around since 1835. Yes, it’s been more than 180 years since the first billboard was created, but the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry – comprised mainly of billboards, street furniture and transit advertising – continues to rake in billions of dollars in global ad spend.

The outdoor advertising segment is the only “traditional” media format to show growth this year. OOH advertising, with an estimated 3.4 percent growth to $33.5 billion, easily beat out television, radio, magazines and newspapers to snatch the spot as the fastest-growing non-internet media of 2018.

So, in an increasingly digital world, why are companies funneling money into a Mark Twain-era advertising medium? Because it’s impactful, uncluttered and avoids the problems that plague other mediums – even digital.

Here are five simple reasons your business should invest in OOH advertising:

1. Your Audience Instantly Grows

OOH advertising is the perfect marketing platform for businesses trying to reach a broad audience. While demographic research and segmentation has its advantages in the digital space, by targeting the same people over and over, you could be missing out on key consumer groups you never considered. Outdoor advertising commands attention from mass audiences, who may not otherwise be exposed to your brand or product.

Not only does OOH advertising immediately expand your audience and reach, it also impacts your audience’s path-of-purchase. This becomes especially important for consumer-facing and retail businesses, since 70 percent of those purchases occur outside of the main shopping or retail center. By constantly keeping your product, service or brand top-of-mind for consumers via outdoor advertising, you’re able to promote brand awareness while driving tangible sales.

2. Your Audience Can’t Turn It Off

Consumers have been vying for a way to skip advertisements and commercials for years. It started with DVR capabilities of fast-forwarding TV commercials and ended with a mass cable exodus in favor of commercial-free online streaming services.

But, this tendency to avoid ads doesn’t begin and end with TV. In fact, more than one in four desktop users use ad blocking software. Unlike other traditional and non-traditional media formats, consumers don’t have the option to skip or turn off your outdoor advertisement. This makes OOH advertising much more impactful and engaging, while still serving as a non-intrusive promotion.

3. You Won’t Be Overshadowed by Competitors

Outdoor advertisements stand alone, so they don’t have to compete with other ads as they would in other mediums. For this reason, consumers are much more open to your messaging on a billboard or other outdoor signage. And, consumers are more likely to remember a standout OOH advertisement than one of hundreds of TV or digital ads they’ll see that day. With less ad competition, you don’t have to worry about cutting through the noise and clutter other brands have created – you can better resonate with your consumers.

4. Your ROI is Phenomenal

Digital marketing’s popularity skyrocketed, in part, because marketers saw it as a cost-effective way to reach wide audiences. OOH advertisements have a similarly impressive ROI – and they often drive online activity.

OOH advertisements are more effective at driving online activity than TV ads. And, according to one report, every $1 spent on OOH advertising generates $5.97 of product sales. With an effective OOH advertising campaign, you can reach just as many consumers as you would digitally – with a higher impact and lower cost.

5. You Don’t Have to Do A Lot of Work

If you partner with the right print solutions provider, creating an effective OOH advertising campaign will be both time and cost-effective for your marketing team. At SpeedPro, we work with each client individually to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that will accomplish all their business objectives.

After collaborating with clients to create a cohesive strategy and vision, we bring that vision to life on our durable, high-quality large-scale graphics. And, with an extensive product line, we have everything you need for an impressive outdoor ad campaign. Here are just some of the options we can create for your business in an OOH advertising campaign:

Since 2010, companies have spent 35 percent more on outdoor ads, and when you weigh all OOH advertising’s advantages, it’s no surprise why. The experts at SpeedPro have all the marketing expertise – as well as design and production tools – to bring your OOH advertising campaign vision to life with large-scale graphics. Don’t miss out on key consumers and a high-ROI marketing strategy just because you’re not sure where to start – we’ll help you every step of the way.

Learn more about how out-of-home advertising can boost your brand’s visibility and drive sales by contacting your local studio.

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